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For all those who wish to have a quick bike taxi ride or an auto ride to go to any nearby place they want to, and that works well in jams and congestion, Rapido is the answer to all their needs. Rapido is a service that allows people to travel from one place to another in minutes on a bike, taxi or auto. Commuters love it because it is primarily a two-wheeler ride that is fast to travel and makes them reach on time even during jams and traffic congestion.

The Rapido coupons for today help you book your bike and auto rides at a discounted price to make your rides more with it and help you choose Rapido as your driving partner. It is fast and convenient and comes in handy compared to four-wheeled taxis that get stuck in traffic. 

Rapido has been operating since 2015 in over 100+ cities now. It has more than 10 million + commuters who take its services to travel from one place to another and reach their destination in minutes..
Rapido is a hit in metropolitan cities that are full of traffic jams. More and more rides are joining in. You can get updated discounts and offers on Rapido here, at FreeKaaMaal.Com, to have a pocket-friendly ride.

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Rapido Offers Today

Rapido Offers And Coupons

New User Offer

Flat 50% Off

Existing User Offer

20% Off For Repeat Users

Rapido Auto Discounts

100% Off Up To Rs. 40

First Rapido Ride

Flat Rs.20 Off

First Auto Ride Offer

Rs.40 off on first ride

First 3 Rides

50% Off

About Rapido

If you live in a metropolitan city and have to face traffic every day, going to the office is a tedious task that you do daily. It is likely you already are aware of Rapido. Rapido is a new age ride-sharing two-wheeled and three-wheeled taxi service for city commuters. 

Often you do not get cabs in the city due to traffic and short distance issues. Rapido is a problem solver for many. With Rapido coupons for first ride, you can instantly start your Rapido journey and know the real taste of bike taxis and their convenience.

Rapido started its journey in 2015 and now has millions of commuters that travel daily and use its service. It operates in more than 100 cities all over India and has many partner riders that make the company go with committed service. The major cities and Rapido offers in Hyderabad, and other such cities have high availability of Rapido rides

The riders in Rapido are called captains.

Rapido Power Pass

The power pass subscription program from Rapido is for limited commuters and in limited cities in India, but as per plans, it may roll out all over the country. The power pass and Rapido coupons are offered to make the rides a reasonable affair for daily travellers as they have to avail themselves of the taxi services frequently.

The company promises that with this pass the commuters can get a travel cost cut up to 40%, which amounts to a significant discount on a long term basis. The pass also ensures that it will make the riding experience more convenient for frequent commuters.

Popular Coupons For Rapido

Rapido can be used at any time of the day as per the availability of the riders and demand. The company offers various coupons for new users, repeat-existing users, first-time auto riders, and first-time bike users. Coupons like GORapido will fetch you up to 50% off on your first three rides. 

There are many new users' offers like Rapido coupons in Bangalore, Vijayawada, Patna, valid from time to time that help in fetching up to 50% off on the nxt rides. The existing app users can get 20% off on repeat rides and make their daily commute more affordable.

Rapido coupons auto users can avail offers on their rides with coupon codes. There are first ride user coupon codes too.

Exclusive Rapido Offers Code For The Best Priced Rides

Rapido offers its loyal commuters huge discounts on their office and workplace rides. The users who use Rapido auto get a good deal on their Auto rides with the Rapido auto promo code. They can get 100% off in their auto rides, up to Rs.40, and can make their rides super affordable. The first time users new users can get Rs.20 OFf on their rides to any location.

The first ride can be discounted up to 50% off with various coupon codes valid from time to time. Rapido coupons Vijayawada, Patna, Guwahati, and many-layered cities have the latest valid offers, coupons, and deals to make rides affordable for the commuters.

Rapido has attractive bike and auto rides for its frequent users to help them get affordable rides to their workplace and frequently visit places.

What Are Rapido Auto Coupons Today?

There are many offers and coupons active on Rapido. The Rapido coupons for existing users help the commuters get flat Rs. 20 and Rs. 40 off on bike and auto rides. You can avail of the coupons and offers at the latest as sometimes the offers are time-bound and may change at any time. 

Many regular riders from various cities, with Rapido coupon Patna, Hyderabad, and many such places, use the latest valid coupons active to make the local rides reasonable.

The GORapido first 3 rides coupon helps make the first three rides affordable with up to 50% off in the fare.

There are 20% discounts available for repeat users from their frequent rides.

Once you become a Rapido user, you will surely realise how lucrative it is to get your hand on the fast riding experience and that too at the most affordable price.

How To Book A Ride With Rapido Promo Code?

It is easy to use the Rapido app. There are various promo codes available with Rapido for new users or first-time auto or bike commuters. You can choose any of the promo codes available to get the benefits of additional discounts.

Rapido coupon code Noida helps the Up riders to get to the nearby destinations at ease and the least cost. You can book a ride with the app by:

You will have to pay at the discounted rate with Rapido coupon code 2023.

How To Avail Offers And Discount From Rapido?

Rapido is an app that facilitates smooth pick and drop to the destination in a reasonable and fast way. You can avail of Rapido coupons for auto and bikes to make your rides extra affordable. 

To get the best offer and discount you can:

1.Visit Rapido’a app or the FreeKaaMaal.Com website.

2. Search for the Rapido store page, if you want to book a ride via FreeKaaMaal.com

3. Search and Click on Rapido coupon code Guwahati, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. Coupon codes.

4. You can activate or copy the deal and discount code from there

5. Remember to copy the coupon code' to avail extra cashback from FreeKaaMaal

6. Choose the ride on the Rapido app

7. Choose the destination and have a call with the rider or captain

8. Get the drop at the destination and pay for the ride.

10. You can complete the payment by your desired payment method

There is an option to enjoy additional cashbacks, great discounts, and offers with the help of FreeKaaMaal.Com. Remember to book your next ride via FreeKaaMaal.com

FreeKaaMaal.Com For Additional Cashbacks On Bike And Auto Rides

You can choose Rapido rides for your daily travel. As you will have a great experience with Rapido, you can have additional benefits by using FreeKaaMaal.com to use Rapido’s coupons and offers.

For additional benefits like cashbacks and updated coupons, you can always refer to FreeKaamaa.com any time and use the Rapido coupons today to benefit from the latest offers and deals by the brand. Additionally, the site allows access to the promo codes, coupon codes and cashbacks.

Next time when you are searching for the best deals on your daily rides, visit FreeKaaMaal.com

How To Become A Rapido Captain?

Rapido captain is a rider that takes you to your destination. The riders or the captains register themselves in the Rapido app to offer their driving services to the commuters.

Rapido bike offers to help you get on these rides with the captain at a reasonable price.

One can be a Rapido captain by:

Now you can offer rides in the selected city.

Payment Methods For Rapido

There are various modes of payment available with Rapido. You can use any one of them to pay for your rides. Also, do not forget to use Rapido first 3 ride promo code or any other code if available to make your rides more reasonable.

The payment methods available with Rapido are:

You can also avail power pass subscription and its benefits to pay for the rides and get huge discounts. 

Rapido Customer Care

You can reach out to Rapido customer care through the Rapido app for any support and grievance settlement. You can talk to their customer assistant and get your queries resolved. You can get answers to various doubts regarding Rapido coupons Hyderabad and other cities in the south and how to avail them.

You can visit thor site as well and fill-up the form with your concerned queries to get answers to your questions.

To mail to their Head Office situated at:

Roppen Transportation Services Pvt Ltd, #148, 1st Floor, SLV Nilaya, 5th Main 80ft road, HSR Layout 7th Sector, Bangalore 560102

Their Email-id is - [email protected].

You can easily and quickly get customer support through their app. That is the best way to get help.

Frequently Asked Question

Q 1: Is Rapido available in Mumbai?

Ans: Yes, Rapido is available in Mumbai for Mumbai commuters.

Q 2: How to get Rapido coupons?

Ans: You can get the latest Rapido offers and coupons via the FreeKaaMaal.com app or site. Get the information on all the coupon codes and promo codes via the official site of FreeKaaMaal.com.

Q 3: Is Rapido available in Hyderabad?

Ans: Yes, Rapido and its services are available at all metro stations in Hyderabad.

Q 4: Is Rapido available in Bangalore?

Ans: Rapido is likely to be back in operation in Bangalore so that you can use its services easily there.


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