Know Where/When your Aadhar Card Has Been Used : UIDAI Feature

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  • UPDATED ON: 20 Feb 2018

Do you know that you can find out that when your Aadhar card was used for the wrong authentication without your permission? Yes! you can do that. Let me tell you how.

Nowadays Aadhar has become an important part of our life as it is our individual identity, Also you can avail various services provided by the government through this single card. So, it might be possible that some unwanted entities take advantage of this facility and misuse your Aadhar card for various purposes.

Don't worry at all, UIDAI has introduced a new feature on the site through which you can easily trace that when and where your Aadhar card has been used for authentications.So, here are few steps that you have to follow to get this done.

How To Get Authentication History Of Aadhar Card

1.Visit the official website of UIDAI.

2.Go to Aadhar Services and click on Aadhar authentication History.

3.Once you click on the option another page will open up requesting you to enter OTP.

4.Now, you have to enter the OTP dent from UIDAI, On you registered mobile number with Aadhar.

5.Now click on the 'Submit' button.

6.Once you submit the OTP, another page will open on your screen with all the details of authentication through your Aadhar Card.

NOTE- If in Case you found that your Aadhar authentication has been misused by someone you can register a complaint on UIDAI Or you can all on their customer care number 1947.

Benefits Of Aadhar Authentication History

  1. You can Easily track Misuse of Your Aadhar Card.
  2. Aadhar Authentication History can also be used to keep records of availed facilities from Government.
  3. You can easily use your Aadhar card authentication history as a proof in government sectors.
  4. If you find anything suspicious in your history, then you can complain to UIDAI or you can call on 1947.

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