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Each winter when everyone began to snuggle up by the fire to enjoy the holiday season, he used to feel a strong urge to walk the steep, narrow streets on to the pebbled beachfront and right into the sea to the other side of the world. Meet Luca Moretti, a wiry fellow with ginger hair and a compulsive need to be a perfectionist; hailing from a tiny, cliffside, picturesque village of Positano, Italy.His days were filled with sweating in his father’s kitchen (one lousy fellow we tell you), schmoozing diners and launching into lyrical descriptions of Sicilian olive oil and artisan cheeses. His love for pizza was intense but you would often find him staring outside the window in a way that makes you wonder if something was amiss; if traditions were restricting his creativity.Four years ago, young Luca decided to cut himself loose and set foot out of Positano and left he did, for good! He was floundering his way through life, creating cheese stories in different cities across globe.Yes, he now makes pizza for a living, creating stories. Stories that only require a robust oven, some local flavors and fine Italian dough. Still travels the globe in search of local flavors & ingredients for his cheese, takes knick-knacks from friends around the world and generally lives life to the fullest.
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