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Merricart is the one-stop solution for all of your fitness needs, supplements, personal care, and more. Merricart believes that eating healthy food leads to a happier life. This health-oriented platforms is growing rapidly and providing various pocket friendly Merricart online offers and deals on the so-called white-collar supplements and superfoods.  

With Merricart coupon code, you will get 360-degree nutrition supplements at a discounted price. And the comfort of using your bank's Internet Banking service to make a payment for your order.

Cashback Rates

  • Rs. 2500 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 10000 or more & get

  • Rs. 1250 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 5000 or more & get

  • Rs. 1000 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 4000 or more & get

  • Rs. 800 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 3000 or more & get

  • Rs. 500 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 2000 or more & get

  • Rs. 250 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 1000 or more & get

  • Rs. 100 Cashback

    Shop for Rs. 500 or more

Cashback T&C

  1. Initially Rs. 100 will be credited within 24 - 48 hours it will be updated.
  2. Please add products in your Cart only AFTER you click out of FreeKaaMaal. Products lying in the cart before clicking out through FreeKaaMaal will not be eligible for claiming Cashback.
  3. Complete your purchase in the same session/in one go after clicking through FreeKaaMaal.
  4. Do not visit any other price comparison, coupon or deal site in between clicking-out through FreeKaaMaal & placing the order on retailer's site.
  5. Always use an incognito window of your browser, to avoid cashback tracking issue
  6. Cashback is Applicable twice per month( May vary from store to store), per unique freekaamaal and Merchant/store accounts based on Email ID, IP address, Mobile no., Delivery address & Payment card/Wallet
  7. It usually takes 24-48 hours to track the sale and crediting the cashback to your FreeKaaMaal account. However, initially, this cashback status will remain Pending. Once the retailer confirms the transaction (within 6-10 business weeks) your cashback status will change to Confirmed. Thus, Missing Cashback Support Tickets could be raised only after 72 hours of making the transaction and before 4th of the next month whichever is earlier. Any support ticket/query raised before the mentioned time will be Rejected
  8. Only use Coupons available on FreeKaaMaal to ensure validity & Cashback tracking. Restrictions may apply in some cases. Bulk Orders will NOT be accepted for claiming Cashback: Please note it is against our T&C's to use our services for non-personal or commercial use. FreeKaaMaal shall block all such accounts and forfeit their cashback balances
  9. Cashback is not payable if you return/ canceled / exchange/ partial cancellation / partial exchange of your order. In all these cases Cashback for the full order will be declined.
  10. Cashback is NOT guaranteed based on various retailer criteria while Using a Coupon, Gift Voucher, Gift Card, Gift Certificate or Store Credit.
  11. Cashback rates are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
  12. For any Cashback/Rewards related issues/queries, kindly mail us at
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Get Flat 20% Off on All Products

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800 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.3000 at Just Rs.2200

Shop Products Worth Rs.3000 at Just Rs.2200, Getting Flat Rs.800 FKM Cashback on Shopping Between Rs.3000- Rs.3999


250 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.1000 at Just Rs.750

Shop Products Worth Rs.1000 at Just Rs.750, Getting Flat Rs.250 FKM Cashback on Shopping Between Rs.1000 - Rs.1999


1000 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.4000 at Just Rs.3000

Shop Products Worth Rs.4000 at Just Rs.3000, Getting Flat Rs.1000 FKM Cashback on Shopping Between Rs.4000- Rs.4999


500 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.2000 at Just Rs.1500

Shop Products Worth Rs.2000 at Just Rs.1500, Getting Flat Rs.500 FKM Cashback on Shopping Between Rs.2000- Rs.2999.


2500 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.10,000 at Just Rs.7500

Shop Products Worth Rs.10,000 at Just Rs.7500, Getting Flat Rs.2500 FKM Cashback on Shopping Min Rs.10000


1250 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.5000 at Just Rs.3750

Shop Products Worth Rs.5000 at Just Rs.3750, Getting Flat Rs.1250 FKM Cashback on Shopping Between Rs.5000- Rs.9999.


100 CB

Shop Products Worth Rs.500 at Just in Rs.400

Shop for Rs.500 or more & Get Flat Rs.100 Cashback


Flat Rs.300 Off

Shop For Rs.999 And Get Rs.300 Off

Merricart is running an offer where you can shop for Rs.999 & Get Rs.300 Off. Apply Promo code FKM300.


Get Latest Offers with Merricart Coupon Codes & Discounts

Make your health and fitness shopping fun by using top offers and coupons from Merricart. You can get Merricart promo codes, discounts and more details to avail of amazing discounts.

Merricart Offers Category
Offer Details

Kid’s Product

Flat 30% Off

Diabetic Care

Upto 60% OFF on All Supplements

Mom’s to be

Up to 65% Off + 20% Cashback


Up to 50% Off + 20% Cashback

Ayurveda & herbs

Min 5% Off

Personal Care

Min 10% Off


Up to 50% Off


Up to 70% Off + 20% Cashback

About Merricart

Merricart is an online platform that hosts nourishing items and offers wellbeing interviews to clients. Their products include wellbeing drinks, superfoods, supplements, staple goods, Ayurveda, and Herbal items. 

All Merricart items are handpicked by their nutritionists and are of great principles. The items are additionally verified by wellbeing conditions, for example, diabetes, pregnancy, weight reduction, kid care, wellness. 


Merricart Discounts and Offers

Merricart is an authentic destination for your healthy nutrition needs. As the immunity of today’s generation is getting low, the founder of Merricart with other gold medalists in nutrition has come up with something that will make superfoods reachable to your doorsteps with unbelievable discounts. 

Best offers on Merricart Today will help you in getting fit under the budget. Here you can shop for some famous brands like Ultimate Nutrition,  GAT, Myprotein, Isopure, Muscleblaze, and more. 

What you can Buy from Merricart

  • Fitness Supplements

  • Diet and Weight Loss Products

  • Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

  • Pregnancy & Child Care Nutrition Supplements

  • Organic Food Products

  • Superfood Nutritional Products

  • Heritage Rice Varieties

  • Personal Care Products

  • Diabetic Supplements

What Makes Merricart Different?

Here you can consult an experienced nutritionist and get personalized help for achieving your health goals rather than merely ordering any supplement or superfood. 

And in the core of Merricart, there are productive 40+ years of team experience, they understand people’s nutrition requirements and are available to be contacted for all your nutritional needs.

You get Product Authenticity with Merricart - Their products are carefully validated and approved/rejected by their renowned nutritionist’s and then after the products which are approved are being sent for testing to obtain FASSAI license. 

Only after the approval and certification, they dispatch the products for you to consume. 

You get a smooth buying experience - To make your shopping experience happier, they pack their genuine products and to ensure that you receive a safe and secure shopping experience. Merricart caters most of the payment options for you, and the payment options are secured with the highest level of encryption.

Apart from these unique brand image, you can avail Merricart discount offers on your health and other fitness products.

Merricart Cashback Offers

With Merricart shopping, you will be able to get guaranteed cashback in the form of Merricash. Yes, you heard it right! Every time you shop from Merricart, you earn MerriCash.

It is special rewards that comprise of 20% of the Sub Total on the Cart Value. And you can redeem Merricash on your next purchase. For example, if you purchase products worth Rs.1000, you will earn MerriCash Rs.200.

For that, you need not apply the Merricart coupon code online. This process is automatic.

Best Offers on Merricart Today

To keep updated with the latest offers on Merricart, do check out our page on a regular basis as here we provide the Merricart promo codes and other deals that can save a lot for you.

Merricart takes care of their product authenticity, to packaging to shipment to bring the best and fast value to the consumer. So if you are looking for fitness and health products online, do have the experience of Merricart genuine products online.

How to Order From Merricart Online 

To order from Merricart, all you need to do is go to the Merricart website. And choose products of your choice from the various categories. Add items into your cart as per your needs. You may also compare the product with others. Once you are done with all your items required, proceed for payment.

Now, Sign in if you have already created an account or create a new one. Give your address and other details. Pay with the various payment method mentioned, and avail Merricart offers 2019. 

Merricart uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your vital information while securely proceeding with the trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. So, it is safe to pay on Merricart from internet banking or card payments.

Merricart Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Shop and Earn with Merricart?

A.  To shop and earn with Merricart, follow the steps below:

  • Buy health and other super food-related to fitness from Merricart.

  • Complete your payment, and you will receive 20% of the subtotal on the cart value, in the form of Merricash.

Q. How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

A. To know whether your order has been confirmed or not, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Merricart account.

  • Now go to your orders section.

  • Here you can see whether your offer is get confirmed or not.

  • Apart from this method, You will get an email with details of your order where the confirmation of the order will be mentioned.

Q. Why do I see different prices for the same product at Merricart?

A. The reason behind the different prices for the same product at Merricart is that it is a highly competitive marketplace. Hence different sellers put different price tags to compete with each other. Overall it’s for your advantage. Isn’t it!!

Q. How do I check the current status of my orders?

A. To check the current status of your orders, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Merricart account.

  • Now go to the 'My Account' section.

  • In the 'My Account page', click on the 'My Orders' link.

  • Here you can check the status of all your orders. 

  • To see the status of a specific order, you need to click on the 'Order Number' link.

Q. Can I make a credit/debit card or Internet Banking payment on Merricart through my mobile?

A. Yes, you can make credit/debit card or internet Banking payments through the Merricart mobile app.


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