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400 ML

Get Vitamin C Body Lotion with Vitamin C & Honey for Radiant Skin At Just Rs.399

It’s time to give your skin the comfort and love it deserves with the goodness of Vitamin C, Honey, Shea Butter & Olive Oil. Say hello to radiant skin with Vitamin C and bid adieu to dull and uneven skin tone.

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Combo Offer

Flat 25% Off On Intense Hair Treatment Kit + Free Shipping

Finally, a hair care regimen you can commit to. Our Intense Hair Treatment Kit is a serious multitasker that comes loaded with the Ayurvedic blend of Bhringraj, Amla, and many other herbs that reduce hair fall, repair damaged hair, and reduce dandruff.

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Get Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Vitamin C & Turmeric(150ml) At Rs.399 + Free Shipping

Gentle clouds of frothy foams infused with the goodness of Vitamin C and Turmeric - that’s Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash for you.

Fresh and effective, Mamaearth Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is loaded with antioxidants as well as brightening and acne preventing properties

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200 Gram

Get BhringAmla Hair Mask with Bhringraj & Amla for Intense Hair Treatment At Rs.599

Hair care is a significant part of our daily routine, just like skincare. Good hair products are like our best friends, always there to take care of us. Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Mask has been crafted with time-tested natural ingredients like Bhringraj and Amla.

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Pack Of 5

Get Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap For Kids At Just Rs.499

Hi! I am Mamaearth’s Range of Nourishing Bathing Bars. I am incredibly gentle on your kids’ skin while effectively cleansing and keeping bacteria & germs away. My fruity essence will make bath time an enjoyable experience, leaving behind fun-filled memories. Loaded with Glycerin, Basil Oil, Coconut Oil & Almond Oil, I leave your child’s skin soft, supple, moisturized & healthy.

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Pack Of 5

Get Mamaearth Nourishing Bathing Bar Soap For Kids – ( Pack of 5, 75gm Each) At Rs.499

I am Mamaearth’s Range of Nourishing Bathing Bars. I am incredibly gentle on your kids’ skin while effectively cleansing and keeping bacteria & germs away. My fruity essence will make bath time an enjoyable experience, leaving behind fun-filled memories. Loaded with Glycerin, Basil Oil, Coconut Oil & Almond Oil, I leave your child’s skin soft, supple, moisturized & healthy.

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100 ML

Get Retinol Face Wash with Retinol & Bakuchi for Fine Lines and Wrinkles At Rs.299

Keep them guessing your age as they admire your glowing and youthful skin!
Mamaearth Retinol Face Wash is the elixir of youth you need. Formulated with
potent Retinol - the most trusted ingredient to fight signs of aging - and the natural
the goodness of Bakuchi, this face wash will become your skin’s BFF in no time.

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Best Seller

Get Face Mask With Vitamin C & Kaolin Clay(100g) At Just Rs.499 + Free Shipping

We all dream of bright and spotless skin. But the hustle of daily life often takes a toll on our skin’s health. Dirt, pollution, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions damage the skin while stealing its natural glow.Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Mask will help bring back that radiance! Power-packed with the goodness of Vitamin C and Kaolin Clay, it will make your skin bright, healthy, and spotless.

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Free Shipping

Flat 26% Off On Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Kit At Just Rs.999

Fight the odds of dull and uneven skin tone with a revitalizing and rejuvenating skincare regimen prepped to face the forces of nature.

  • Coco Face Scrub - 100g
  • CoCo Face Wash - 100ml
  • Vitamin C Toner - 200ml
  • Anti-Pollution Daily Face Cream- 80ml
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Pack Of 3

Flat 22% Off On Mamaearth Anti Acne Kit At Just Rs.899

Dear acne, it’s time to break up! End toxic relationship with acne and pimple with the best of nature in Mamaearth Anti-Acne Kit! It’s time to say no to pimples with active ingredients like Niacinamide, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Neem. The easy three-step process involving facewash, cream, and serum prevents excess oil production, which leads to breakouts. The skin of your dreams is just a kit away!


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For Your Hair Needs

flat 23% Off On Mamaearth Anti-Hair Fall Spa Kit At Rs.849

A little hair fall is normal, but too much shedding can be a cause of concern. It’s time never to let hair fall bother you again with Mamaearth Anti-Hair Fall Spa Range. Follow the three-step routine and let the natural goodness of Onion help you beat hair fall and get flawless hair.

  • Onion Hair Oil – 150ml
  • Onion Shampoo – 250ml
  • Onion Conditioner – 250ml
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Pack Of 2

Get Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap For Babies, pack of 2*75gm At Just Rs.249

Mamaearth's moisturizing bathing bar gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes delicate skin of newly born babies and kids. Its moisture rich crème formula is gentle and safe for head to toe. Loaded with goat milk, oatmeal and shea butter, it leaves your baby's skin soft and smooth

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Here we have mentioned some of the Mamaearth Coupons and Offers for you in which you can get a fantastic discount and cashback on your purchase. With this brand, you will get some tremendous goods and that too on discount. We bring all the latest Mamaearth Coupon Codes to help you save on every purchase!

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Mamaearth is one of the brands which brings organic skin and hair care products. This brand has all the beauty products which are chemical-free and made up of pure ingredients. 

The Makers of these brands decided to take care of everyone by assuring toxic chemical-free skin and hair care goods for infants and expecting mothers. 

All of the components that go into creating these products are ISO, GMP, and NON-GMO compliant. With these beautiful products varying from baby skin and hair care to items for expecting mothers and much more.

They have already transferred out to 150,000 people, and the list keeps growing. Very well, so They provide the perfect alternative to modern, chemical-laden skin and hair care products for babies.


Mamaearth Coupon 2023

If you are looking out for the best Mamaearth Offers, then you are the right place. As here you will find out the mamaearth Online Coupons which will let you buy all the goods at a very low price. Since there are 1000s of products available at this brand for your kids, you can buy them all at a low price possible.  

Mamaearth Offers For New Users

Are you a new user at this brand? If yes then you get happy because there is a mamaearth first-time coupon in which you can get a discount on your purchase. There are plenty of products which you can buy and if you are a first-time purchaser then mamaearth coupon code 50% off is yours. You just need to apply the promo code which you get while paying your total amount. So, why wait for more when you can buy everything at 50% off. 

Mamaearth Payment Offers

You can grab a lot of mamaearth coupons India which are from different banks and online payment apps like Amazon Pay, mamaearth PayPal offer, and many more. So, if you are a banks credit or debit cardholder, then you can pay your bill using the cards, and there you can also get an additional discount on your purchase. Currently, there are many banks going on with the offers, and here we have mentioned some for you. So buy the products now and pay the discounted price!

Mamearth provides users with a lot of methods to pay for your skincare, haircare, beauty & health-related products when they shop online. With the various Bank Offers, Wallet Offers, other offers available for products and you can save a lot on your fees! Buyers are in for a surprise this period! 

Mamaearth Coupons Today

There are many mamaearth promo codes for you as we provide you with a discount and cashback on your purchase. To make your purchase a happy one you can go through the discounts and offers which provide you. There are many mamaearth offers today which come on a regular basis. So, we keep you updated with all the latest offers and coupons.

Mamaearth Coupon Code For Amazon

This brand is available at many online websites and also has its own official website through which you can buy the products, be it for yourself or for babies. You can get amazing skincare, hair, and many more products. You can also buy the mamaearth products from Amazon as they keep your budget in mind and bring out the best mamaearth offers 2023 for you all. So, buy from Amazon as well to get some amazing cashbacks and discounts. You just need to apply the promo code which you can get while paying your total amount.

Mamaearth PayPal Offer [Expired]

Here we have mentioned the PayPal offer for you like we said that this brand is available everywhere, as it is one of the most trusted brands in India. So, to keep your money safe they also bring out the best mamaearth discount code through which you can get a significant discount on your shopping for some fantastic products. You can also use the coupon codes which they provide you during the checkout time if you pay with PayPal as it is one of the secure websites to pay your amount for your shopping. PayPal also gives you many discounts and offers.  

What Can You Buy from This Brand?

The online program commenced with a different idea to reduce the trouble encountered by parents at the time of their newborns. It provides all the necessary goods on their portal; you can avail of these goods online from the convenience of your house and get them delivered to your doorstep. This brand gives a range of categories for you to pick from.

  • Baby: Baby Care Kit, Moisturiser, an essential baby kit, skincare, body cream, sunscreen, hair oil, massage oil, diaper rash cream, mosquitos bite rolls on, roll on, and more.

  • Men: Daddy's daily essentials, aftershave lotion, beard and hair oil, body lotion.

  • Beauty: under eye care, blemish remover, Beauty kit, hair tonic, hair regrowth tonic, shampoo, conditioner, root restore hair oil, face wash, lip balm, and more.

  • Pregnancy: Expecting Moms combo, hair mask, Epsom Bath Salt, Stretch mark cream, face mask.

  • Hair Care: A large-scale variety of hair care goods available like an argan hair mask, shampoo, onion oil, anti-hair fall kit, etc.

Top Selling Goods of Mamaearth

Ever since its beginning, it has developed by leaps and bounds and crafted a different name for itself in the Indian and online market. Not just of mothers and children, it has grown the preferred brand of everyone irrespective of gender and age. If you see some of the top-selling goods of the brand, below are a few of the must-try ones.

Different Shampoos 

The most suitable shampoo you can ever get with rich natural ingredients and immediate results. It provides you with the kind of hair you always desired to have.

Face wash

For your soft and creamlike skin, nothing can beat these brands' face wash. It will sustain your skin and give you a bright look.

Sunscreen To Help You From Harmful Chemicals

The sunscreen by this brand is what you require to shield your skin from the sun. It will also shield the skin from dust and other dangerous chemicals.

Onion Hair Oil For Long Hair

Onion hair oil is now the best anti-hair fall oil in the business. Use it religiously and see your hair becoming longer and glow brilliantly.

Face Cream

The face cream given by the company supports down one of the best ones in the business. Using it just once is certain to get you to fall in love with it.

Onion shampoo

Onion shampoo is enhanced with the virtue and vitamins of onion. Utilizing it, along with the onion oil, will provide you with unbelievable outcomes.

Lip Balm

For your beautiful-looking soft lips, the lip balm ready at this brand is all you need. Using it daily will better shield your lips from the outside display.


With 100% natural ingredients, the toothpaste by this brand is sure to make your teeth more efficient than ever and give great oral hygiene.

Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask

Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask is enhanced with the goodness of Onion Oil, Organic Bamboo Vinegar, Coconut Oil & Rosemary Oil. All goods go through a severe trial to assure they are completely safe for use.

Tea Tree Face Wash For Youthful Skin

This face wash is a simple combination of neem and tea tree oil. This mixture will actively fight bacteria and give you youthful skin like never before.

Why Should You Prefer MamaEarth Products?

It is the leading brand in Asia to get the MadeSafe certification which assures that all the goods produced by them are trustworthy and free from toxins and other toxic chemicals. Their goods support microbial and dermatological tests before being packaged. 

These inspections are put in a position to make sure that those goods are 100% safe to be used on babies' skin. Not only the experiment, but they also have a board of mothers who examine every good and give honest feedback which benefits them to improve the quality of the goods churned out by this brand. 

This panel of mothers benefits to improve their goods. You too can connect the Mums panel and help enhance the goods meant for mother and child. Since these goods use essential toxin-free ingredients, they are proper for all age groups and not just babies. 

They can get used by young children, as well as grandparents and of course expecting mothers and fathers. So, if you are mindful of yourself and your kids well being then, you should pick the products from this brand.

Mama earth is a beautiful store for chemical-free skincare and hair goods. Alongside goods made from herbal ingredients are also very helpful for the body. You can find many such things at the Himalaya Store. So, don't overlook it while you shop for skin goods. 

Some of these goods are also fit for babies. Do read the information to find out more about the products. But if you are looking to buy products particularly for babies, visit FirstCry and search its massive range of baby products.

How To Buy MamaEarth Products?

  • Go to Mamaearth web.

  • Login to your ID or create one if you have not.

  • Select the product you want to buy

  • Add them in your cart.

  • Go to the payment section.

  • Apply the mamaearth discount coupons if any

  • Complete your payment

  • You are now done! The products will get delivered soon to you.

How To Use MamaEarth Hair Masks?

The hair mask by this brand is really a miraculous one. They give your hair the complete shine by excluding the dryness and frizziness. Applying this hair mask will also support your hair and make them more potent than ever. To know the best method to use a hair mask, follow the below levels.

  • Split your hair into two parts.

  • Take the mask as per the volume of your hair.

  • Utilize the mask to your complete hair excluding the scalp. Get certain that you apply the hair mask when your hair is wet.

  • Please keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your hair completely.

If you are genuinely looking for goods that can assist you to control your hair-fall, the MamaEarth onion hair mask is a must-try. Enhanced with the goodness of onion, this hair mask is certain to give you absolute effects within no time.

How To Cancel Order On MamaEarth?

In case you want to cancel the purchase, you must do it before 10:00 am on a preceding day to your planned delivery. Once your order is forwarded, you won't be able to remove it.

Chemical-Free Skin & Hair Care Products At This Brand

Baby skin and hair need a lot of care, and the goods used for it should be completely chemical-free. But regrettably, most goods sold out in the market have some of the other chemicals in them both in the form of harsh chemicals or synthetic aromas. 

The goods can do a lot of wickedness to the baby's soft skin and hair. Therefore, after getting the problems, goods were offered in the market, which gives wholly chemical-free and toxin-free goods made out of only natural elements. 

What started off as just skin and hair care goods for babies, and now they have progressed to a lot of other products, and the list just keeps improving.

Save More With FreeKaaMaal

You will get all the newest Mamaearth coupons, and Mamaearth Offers on FreeKaaMaal. We work hard to handpick all the latest coupons and deals for you so that you shouldn't bother about big bills when you buy your baby's goods. All you need to do is follow us for all verified Mamaearth Coupon 2023 so that next time you shop on this brand, you can save some extra money. Start shopping now!

With the best coupons and offers, we have mentioned everything here. As we have some fantastic discounts for you through which you can buy some amazing products for yourself and for babies too. You can have full trust in this brand as they have some non-chemical products, and all they have is a natural ingredient product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any mamaearth first-time coupon?

A1. Yes! There are many coupons and offers available on the website for you to grab, and if you are a new user, then you can get many discounts and offers. So, buy your products at a very low price by merely applying the promo codes which you can get at the time of checkout. 

Q2. How to use Mamaearth coupons?

A2. Go to the official website, login to your ID or create one and add your favored goods to the cart. Now, go to the payment option, apply the promo code if any, and then complete your payment. 

Q3. From where can we get the latest MamaEarth Offers?

A3. You can get some latest coupons and offers from FreeKaaMaal as we keep you updated with the latest ones only for you. 

Q4. Is MamaEarth Products Safe?

A4. Yes!! Mamaearth products are very much safe and secure as they are 100% safe. The products are made up of all the natural ingredients, and no chemicals are added in the product as they are made up for babies and womens. 

Q5. Can I make payment through Bank Cards?

A5. Yes! You can make your payment through Bank credit and debit cards. Also, you can pay through Paytm, Paypal, and other wallets available in India.