GooseBumps Coupons and Offers

Goosebumps is one of India’s growing pickle brands with a wide range of products other than pickles. Their exclusive range of classic and fusion pickles, fruit chocolate, lip-smackingly healthy masala fruits are simply amazing and very delicious.  This online platform comes with various Goosebumps pickle offers and deals for their new and existing customers. You save a pretty good amount of money while using discount coupons and deals. 


It is one of the leading brands with a wide range of products like fruits pickles, classic pickles, masala fruits, fruit chocolates, more, and all of them are very delicious and healthy for you. They use all-natural ingredients from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region in India has its version of pickles that are deeply anchored in the collective childhoods of many. 


They also offer leak-free packaging for transit. Let’s check out the complete details about the brand and the ongoing goosebumps pickles coupon code on their official website.

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Goosebumps Offers 2021

Goosebumps discounts

Classic Pickles 

Up to 50% off

Snack Mixes

Up to 45% off


Extra 30% off

New user offer

Additional 10% off

Fruit Chocolates 

Up to 40% off

About Goosebumps Store 

This online store is all about making world-class fusion food. They are here to give you some intensely moving experience, a feeling that takes your breath away. They have an exclusive range of classic and fusion pickles, fruit chocolate, lip, smackingly healthy masala fruits, and must-try fusion snacks. They begin their journey with the natural ingredients, handpicked straight from the earth’s lap.

As we all know, pickles have been a part of Indian platter for a long time; from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region comes with its pickles with collective childhood memories.  This online brand is inspired by the rich tradition and filled with the spirit of innovation, and they are the perfect blend of innovation and practices. They have a wide range of products, from classic pickles to snacks mixes. Let’s check them all. 

Goosebumps Products 

This online platform has a wide range of products, and here they are. 

Fruit Pickles - They have four products in this category, the Pineapple pepper pickle, orange fennel, Cranberry Kalonji, and Guava Chilli pickle. All of these products have a fantastic taste that lingers on your palate long after the last bite. 

Classic Pickles-  They have more than 19 products in this category, and all of them are top-selling items of this online brand. Things like Green chilies, Khatti Keri, Garlic, Olives and jalapeno, Chunda, Lime, Grated Mango, Gol Keri, Amba Halad, and more. All of the pickles are made with natural ingredients, and they are very delicious. 

Masala Fruits- this product category has more than 29 products like Masala Guava, Assorted Masala fruits, Masala Orange, Masala Cranberry, Masala Kala Jamun, and more. All of these products are very tasty and come with fantastic packaging. 

Fruit Chocolates-  Chocolates are the real love. You simply cannot ignore them. This online platform offers Fruit-based chocolates like Masala Cranberry chocolate, Orange choco, strawberry one, and more. Their fusion foods are simply unmatchable. For more information check out the goosebumps chocolate review

Fusion Snacks - they have a wide range of snacks for everyone and every evening. Like Jor Garam, Moong Chapta, Apple Dragee mix, and more. All of them are the perfect snacks for every evening tea. 

Combos-  Combos of everything are unique; Goosebumps has a wide range of combos like the assorted combo, immunity combo, spices combo, Mango combo, Cranberry combo, Detox combo, and so much more. 

Choose Unique & healthy Gifts with Goosebumps 

They have a special section in which you can give your employee an amazing combo for his efforts towards the company, moreover, it is a type of appreciation gift. They have different combos available in their store for corporate gifting, pharma gifting, wedding/occasion gifting, and as per the demand. 

They also provide customized gifting. 

How to Order Online 

Here you can check how to order your favorite pickles. 

Leak-Free Packaging 

Every drop is precious, and they pack the item in 5 layers of leak-free packaging. First, They use eco-friendly polythene bags. After that, they use unbreakable food-grade pet bottles; then, they are sealed as they will be protected under the sky of this seal. 

After that, they use a shockproof bubble wrap on the bottle as it protects the bottle and can be used as a stress-buster. In the end, they use the corrugated box that will keep your pickle safe while delivering. 

Goosebumps Offers 

This is one of the leading brands in India that deals in different types of pickles, fruit pickles, classic pickles, masala fruits, and other combos. The online platforms offer different types of deals and provide for their new and existing customers. 

Currently, the online platform is offering 10% off on your first order. They also bring different deals and discounts under Goosebumps discount offers on every occasion. Their unique combos are simply amazing. 

Goosebumps Coupons

This famous online brand regularly offers Goosebumps deals and discounts. They understand the value of money and offer the best quality products made with natural ingredients and simply delicious. 

Goosebumps First Order Offer

Online competitions are rising day by day, and customers love it. Every brand online is looking to grab more customer base for which they are offering different Goosebumps discount coupons. 

This online platform is offering a flat 10% off on your very first order.   

Delivery Charges 

The online platform is offering free delivery on all orders above Rs.499. The estimated delivery time during this Pandemic is between 10-12 working days. The order below Rs.499 is eligible for the delivery charges and it depends on the area you are ordering from. 

Payment Options 

This online platform has different payment options, and it accepts all major and minor mediums. They get Airtel Money, Amex card, credit, debit card, Paytm, Rupay card, freecharge, and more. 

Their online payment and platform are completely safe and secure. For a better discount, while ordering something delicious, you can use the Goosebumps promo codes

Goosebumps Contact Details 

For any queries and complaints, you can contact them on [email protected].

Refund Policy 

Here are some refund policies of the Goosebump platforms that you should check before making an order. 

Goosebumps Store Review

They are one of the known and trusted brands in the Indian Market; they have a wide range of pickles and other products made with 100% natural ingredients and are simply delicious. These pickles and other items are indulgent with healthy masalas, which are tested by mothers and grandmothers. 

They have a team of specialized ladies like mother and grandmother who play a significant role in how to make them and how to do business all over India. All of them are strong, talented women who provide the best quality products and inspire their team to create an inclusive work environment and empower women. Their products are unique and delicious, all of them are of the highest quality, and it is the main reason why their products are a bit costly compared to others. 

This is all about the Goosebumps Store that has a wide range of products, including pickles, fruit pickles, Masala Fruits, and more. All of them are made with natural ingredients, and they are healthy to eat. 

The goosebumps chocolates are simply delicious and there are 10 products available in this category. 

 Questions You May Have 

Q. What is the ongoing offer on  Goosebumps Pickles?

Ans: The online platform is offering a flat 10% off on the very first order. Order now to avail of it. 

Q. Are these products natural?

Ans: Yes, their products are 100% natural and healthy for eating. They are made with desi masala and with the experienced hand of our mother and grandmothers, who are experts in making different types of pickles. 

Q. How many types of pickles are they offering?

Ans: The online brand has a wide range of fruit pickles, classics, fruit chocolates, snacks mixes, and more. They have combos for everyone who is looking to give a gift to the loved one.  

Q. What is Fruit Makhna ?

Ans: It is a product of this online brand that has Makhana in two fruit flavors, the chatpata strawberry Makhana. These makhanas are very tasty and good for your overall health. 




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