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“I have numerous pair of shoes and need no more”, a woman will never say this. wonder why? well because the fashion industry is continuously evolving and there will always be something that's missing in your collection. Thus, comes the time for new recruits. But more than mere obsession this is also the need of an hour. Unlike earlier, women today are indulging in diverse roles. Gone are the days when women presence could be seen only in homes. Today, they are managing too many things at the same time. This requires different shoes for different occasions. The brands understand this very well.  A right pair of shoes for every occasion is what the women needs.

Marilyn  Monroe, a popular American actress has once said: "Give the girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world with it”. This truly explains women’s connect with the shoes. It’s not mere a fashion staple that can enhance the look. But much more. For most women putting the right pair of shoes has been the quick-fix to boost confidence. They make you feel more feminine and powerful.

This explains why women stock up the different pair of shoes for the different time of the day. Apart from boosting your confidence levels, they also cushion your feet and protect them from hazardous elements.  Lucky you, the myriad collection of shoes, today, have made footwear shopping a pleasurable experience. The latest women footwear offer online is all about this pleasurable experience. From classiest summer shoes to trendy high heels for a gala event to flip-flops for the beach time, there is so much that can be shopped from the latest fashion season.

Do you want a better reason to shop your favorite pair of shoes? How about getting up to 50% discount on shoes? Sounds interesting, right? Ladies, there couldn’t be any better time to shop. Plus, considering there are no festivities lined up in the coming season, these discounts are no less than a blessing. What do you think so?

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Footwears that will Continue to Shine in 2018

When it comes to fashion, footwear is close to every woman’s heart, with all its kinds and style. Every year comes out with some new and old trends that are hard to resist. The year 2018 is no different in this regard. So if you are planning to upgrade your footwear collection, don’t miss on some these. We have shortlisted some of the top footwear trends that are not going anywhere as they are still in style.

Stilettos for a Sophisticated Look

Stilettos are truly classic. It’s hard to remember a time when they were not called trendy. After all, women have a special place in their heart for stilettos. Being available in varied options, stilettoes make you shine anywhere. While some of them have gone out of style.  But due to the cyclical fashion industry, you won’t be surprised to see there come back. This season will saw a lot of sandals in varying designs, colors and style. So choose the best piece from the vast woman sandal collection.

women footwear online offers

Velvet Boots to make you Feel Soft and Cozy in Winters

Velvet has always been regarded as the winter fabric. The fabric makes you feel soft and cozy. And since its winters, there can't be any better companion than velvet boots. Boots are another footwear that will show up in 2018 winters. So it's a good idea to own a good pair of them with the length you prefer.

Pointy Toes are Still on Trend

The other anticipated pair of footwear is pointy toes. They were very much present in 2017, but it seems there existence is for a longer time. So cheers to all those who have too many of them. And those who don’t stock up this style, hurry up now. They are easy to wear and fits perfectly for most occasions.

Sneakers for a Cool and Quirky Look

It is said that you can sneak anyone with sneakers, while you can't do this by wearing leather or any other fabric shoes. But not that we want you to sneak anyone but surely wants you to look trendier in 2018. And sneakers are perfect to get any trendy look. After all, no outfit is complete without slipping the feet in cool, quirky and comfortable shoes. Isn’t it? Thankfully there’s wide collection of sneakers that you can steal in 2018.

Make it even better by exploring the latest Women Footwears Sale and shine out with these interesting pieces.

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Liked the offers? But want more? No issues! Visit FreeKaaMaal.com and explore myriad of offers, deals, and coupons. To give a fresh start to 2018, the platform is out with women’s footwear online. Here you can find crazy discount coupons on footwears. Shopping footwears was never so much fun. So what are you waiting for? Grab the latest offer and make your footwear lie in your budget. 

More than 85% of People Wear Wrong Workout Shoes! Are you one of them?

Picking the right shoes is very difficult. Not because there aren’t enough options, but due to lack of information. People think any shoe is good as long as they are “sports shoes”. This leads to injuries and unnecessary strain on muscles and bones.

Proper fitting sports shoes can enhance your performance. Thus different shoes are designed differently which greatly vary in design, variations, material, and weight. These difference have been designed to shield the areas of the feet that encounter more stress during a particular athletic activity.

Thus, it’s important to consider these difference while picking shoes for your workout session. Here are some of them:

Shoes for Running Training and Walking

These shoes are often termed as athletic shoes which are used for hiking, jogging, and walking. For these activities, you must look for shoes that have comfortable soft upper, good shock absorption, smooth tread, rocker sole design. Also, it should have high cushioning, flexibility, control and stability in the heel counter area.

Never Go in Running Shoes to your Aerobic Classes

Aerobic is a high intense and low impact cardiovascular exercise. And not all athletic shoes are designed to support your movement. Aerobic shoes are designed with non-marking soles and have maximum support for flat feet. Plus, it should have extra shock absorption in the sole beneath the ball of the foot, where most of the stress occurs.

Shoes for Weightlifting Sessions

Similarly, weightlifting shoes come with specific essentials. It’s important that it has a firm and flat grip on the ground. This ensures a proper form and a safe grip especially while lifting weights. So don’t wear your high tech, thick-soled running shoes in the weight room. Stick with flat soled shoes to keep your weight lifting regimen safe and effective.

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