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No pretty frock or stunning suit can make your little ones shine until paired with the right shoes. Yes, footwear plays a vital role in making your kids looks adorable in their cute dresses. But it’s not just about the looks, the role of footwear goes far beyond. It has to do a lot with their growth. The children’s bodies grow at a rapid rate and the right pair of shoes can ensure the proper development of bones and the muscles. No wonder choosing the right pair of shoes for your kids can be a tiring and difficult process.

However, this tiring process has been ease down with the boon of online shopping. This has proven literally a blessing for today’s parents who are always short of time. But want nothing less for their kids. Lucky you, today there are many kids footwear online which offers great fit and proper cushioning to your child's feet.  There is so much that can be shopped. From a wide range of designs to getting the right size for the kids, there is so much that can be explored with one click.

Thus, no matter how old your daughter or son is, getting the right pair of shoes can be just a click away. Nearly all of the sites come with their virtual e-commerce size charts that you can consider to pick the right one.

So, Say No to those weekends which was booked for kids shoe shopping.

And also, Say No to endless arguments with the shopkeepers to find the right size.

But wait what about the costs? And let's face it kids shoes are a costly affair as they grow up rapidly. This means news shoes need to be replaced quicker. So about chasing alluring deals of kids footwear? Sounds great, right? There’s the latest sale going on which comes with upto 70% OFF on kids shoes. Yes, the sale is huge, so don’t miss it!

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Things to Look out for while Buying Kids Footwear

Buying footwear is very important to ensure optimal health of your child’s feet. A recent survey has highlighted that 98% of people are born with healthy feet but only 40% of them retains it by the time they reach adulthood. The main reason for this is the drastic drop in the health of child’s feet is due to the practice of wearing ill-fitted shoes. Choosing the right shoe for your child’s feet can be difficult, so here are some tips to look for while selecting the shoe material.

  • Support - Kids are very active so it’s important they have stable shoes. The right pair of shoes should have a firm heel counter and contoured midsole. This will allow the foot to sit right down inside the shoe.

  • Durability - We all know that kids are always high for endless adventures. So look for shoes that have outsoles made of rubber for longer wear. One can also look for double stitching, especially around the toe area. This will extend the life of the shoe.

  • Comfort - It’s important to ensure that your kid's footwears are comfortable. It should be well fitted that doesn't allow too much room for growth. On one side, oversized shoes can cause the foot to roll over and most likely to wear out. On the other side, shoes that too tight and can also harm their feet. So select the well fitted one. One can also look for the latest kids footwear coupons to buy many such well fitted shoes without thinking about budget.

  • Cushioning - Adequate cushioning is always necessary! However, its relevance is far more for kids footwear than the adult footwear. Wonder why? Well, because children’s bones are still growing and vulnerable to shock. Inadequate cushioning can thus lead to pain and injuries.

Kids Fashion Sale offers

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Whether it’s flats, casual shoes, slippers, flip flops or fancy shoes, you can the find discount on literally every kid's footwear. In fact, the kid's slipper offers are recently out and comprise of best comfortable pieces you crave for your child. You can get all this not only with a great discount on kids footwear but also with the comfort of your home.

How to Choose Correct Shoes for Infants, Toddlers, and Small Children?

It’s important to address the age of your little one while selecting the right pair of shoes for him and her. The age of your child can greatly differ the shoe requirements. And it's not just the size which changes, but there are a whole lot of other things. The shoe requirements greatly vary for infant, toddler and small children. Here’s how:  

For Infants

The feet of the babies have extremely soft bones at the start of their lives. At this stage, their feet contain more cartilage than bone. This fuses with time and hardens into adult bones with time. Therefore at this development stage wrong shoes can disturb the organic development of the foot. Leading to deformed bones and stunted the growth. Therefore their delicate feet require extremely soft shoes and socks. Also, the shoes should have high breathability as the infant's sweets twice as much as adults.

For Toddlers

This stage probably requires more shoes for your child than ever. As the kids will grow rapidly and shoes would be replaced after every three to four months. Also, don’t forget that your child will take the shoes on and off throughout the time. So look for the ones that have enough room for toes to move comfortably. Plus, they are very active at this stage as they have newly learned walking and running. So footwear should support the ankle and have proper insole cushioning.

For Small Children

Finally, the stage arrived when your tiny scholars will be wearing shoes for an average of 7-8 hours a day. It’s time to look for the shoe with some more features. The feet at this stage require shoes that ensure proper heel and ankle support than ever.  Apart from it, the shoes must offer great cushioning on the inside and be made out of breathable materials.  It’s advised that parents should check the child’s shoe size after every six months. This ensures proper fitting and healthy foot as they moved into the teen.

Now, with just a few clicks you can buy any footwear of your choice. All this can be found under one roof at FreeKaaMaal. So, parents what are you waiting for? Browse the endless designs and material of shoes to pick the best ones for your apple of the eye.  

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