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Now you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for Branded footwear at every other offline store. you can easily avail great discounts on shoes from PUMA, Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc.

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What is the First Copy?

First Copy is basically the product that does not have any original license. They make a copy of the branded product.

In Short, Manufacturers make same copies of the original ones to make it available to the lesser rich class of people for half or even less the price of the original, which is referred to as first class that is unethical and illegal in the eyes of law.

First Copies are mostly made in Asian countries as they have cheap labour (China, Thailand, etc.). They do not come with a warranty and sometimes do not even come with the brand's box. That’s why if you buy branded first copy shoes online then you will not receive any warranty with them.

That’s ok!

Because, other than the above-stated parameters, all else is the same between the two. They boast of the same materials used, look exactly alike, and you cannot tell the difference between them at a glance.

So next time you wear Nike Copy Shoes rather than Nike original Shoes sees people reaction.

What do you feel?

I would suggest you, simply wear confidence along with the shoes. Nothing can beat this combination.

First Copy Branded Shoes in India

You may find several online and Offline stores to buy first copy shoes in India. There are many famous places in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune for branded first copy Shoes. The Rs.10,000 Nike can be bought in just R.2,000.

To find the most popular first copy of branded items. 

First copy branded shoes buy online

Adidas First Copy Shoes Offer

Adidas is one of the famous brands in the Shoe industry. It is all time trending among Cricketers, On Running Tracks and at the Gym Space. Peoples Are Always Searching For 1st Copy Shoes Of Adidas & Adidas Copy Products Online.

If you are looking for Adidas first copy shoes in Delhi, Mumbai, or Pune online then you can have many options like: The first copy online store in India, Irshu Collections first copy shoes, and many more.

Puma first copy Shoes online

Puma Shoes are best known for their shoes sole, soft and comfortable rubber, Top-Quality material with attractive designs!!

So, I prefer to buy Puma First Copy Sport Shoes in the first place.

People praise this brand for their comfort feature. And you can find Puma First Copy Hybrid Shoes, Puma Sports Shoes, Puma Running Shoes, Puma First Copy Kids Shoes, and more in the below online sources.

You can grab your favourite First copy Puma shoes from Aapkabazaar online. Else we have mentioned many offline stores in the below part of the content that you can consider too if you like to physically feel the product before buy.

Nike first copy Shoes online

Original Nike First Copy Shoes is trending on Social Media as many Sportsperson, celebrities, Gyming Guys spot on showing off with their Nike Shoes.

Cricketers, runners, and tennis players keep on branding the ‘Do it ‘ attitude with their Nike Shoes.

To help you in joining the athletic group, we have several online wholesalers from where you can buy Nike Copy Sneakers, Nike Copy Jorden, Nike 1st Copy Sports Shoes even in your tight budget.

Offline Branded First Copy Shoes

Apart from the above online sources, you can also buy first copy original shoes from offline stores. There are popular places in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow where you can find first copy branded shoes at cheaper prices.

First Copy branded Shoes in Delhi Market

In Delhi, you may find many places where the first copy shoes are easily available with discount and offer prices. Lajpat Nagar is one of the Best Wholesale shoe markets in Delhi while Chandni Chowk is famous for selling duplicates of branded sneakers at throwaway prices. You will find replicas of top brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma, which are of fairly good quality as well.

The factory outlets in Mahipalpur are a must-visit if you want to get branded sneakers or football studs. These outlets have legitimate, branded shoes that you can buy for a steal! Some major brands that you’ll find here are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and Red Chief.

Note: Factory Outlet Near National Highway 8, Mahipalpur must be visited weekend out to shop to save a lot of money.

Tank Road at Karol Bagh is filled with wholesale outlets for shoes. You will find a lot of export surplus items in the shops here, and the shoes are available at unbelievable cheap prices. There is a wide variety of footwear and sportswear available both for men and women.

These are to name a few you can explore many more places for First copy Shoes in Delhi region.

First Copy branded Shoes in Pune Market

Same as Delhi, there are places in Pune like The rich, bustling street markets offer copies of A-list footwear brands for very affordable prices.

Phantom, FC Road is again a place that you can not miss if you live in Pune and are a great fan of branded sneakers and footwear.

Shoe Trendz in Kolsa Galli opened about 4 years ago, and has a good set of first copies by many brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas, both in the laced shoes as well as in loafers and pumps.

These were some places where you can buy the first copy of branded shoes in Pune.

If you can also find places to buy first copy branded shoes in Mumbai and many more places.

Why you should buy a  first Copy Shoes

First copy shoes are just like bliss for a middle-class youth. Today’s youth have dreams, dreams of feeling trendy, updated and classy. To fulfil their dreams, not everyone can buy branded apparel, accessories, and shoes.

It necessarily does not mean that they can not go for their dreams of looking, high class. If we talk about the role of Shoes in the appearance of a person, then I must tell Sneakers have become a status symbol among people.

Even in the Journal of Research, it is found that our shoes also reveal a lot about our personalities. That is, we wear our hearts not on our sleeves but our shoes.

So, Wear your heart with the first copy of branded shoes.

You can have a variety of first copy shoes online From Nike, Puma, Adidas and many more.

How to know the difference between the original and first Copy Duplicate Shoes

1.Source of Buying:  To differentiate you need to check from where you are buying the product.

If you want to buy a Nike original shoe then you should give a try to NIKE.COM. Usually, For any other brand, you can go with other official websites.

2. Big discounts:  If you are given high discounts like 70% OFF, 80% OFF Or Discounts up to 90%. Then they are most probably first copies.

3. See more pictures of the actual product in the actual condition: Observe more images of the actual product and in the actual condition.

All the big online shopping websites give options to connect buyers and sellers with each other for more product clarification.

Note: If you are buying offline then you can manually see the nuances.
4. Packaging, Manufacturing date, And MRP Label: In case, You had already purchased the shoe and have been delivered to your place. Just open it up and check the packaging of the shoe.

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