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You must have heard this phrase called " Consumer is King" but in today's hyper competitive world, companies are forgetting consumers  and just focusing on getting their profit margins going higher.

Today millions of shoppers in India are suffering from bad experiences, it doesn't matter whether you are a mobile user or just an Internet subscriber, you must have experience something bad from your service provider.

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Till now, the only solution we as a consumer were having is to contact Customer care of the concern company and try to get our complaints resolved but most of the time, this doesn't work and we need to bear loss of money as well as time.

One company called Akosha is now helping consumer get their complaints resolved quickly. Akosha allows you to login for free, file your complaints. After that, it follows up for you until the issue is resolved. This site is already famous among many users more than 75,000 complaints already filed on the forum.

How consumer Complaints get Resolved

So if you are an unhappy consumer and already frustrated by calling customer care multiple times, try Akosha. Here is how Akosha - Online Consumer Complaint Forum works:

  1. Visit Akosha Online consumer complaint form and enter your details
  2. Akosha than take your complaint directly to the escalation team of the company who has the power to resolve your grievance. They will follow up with the concern company and keep you updated via email,SMS & Phone.
  3. If you are a paid subscriber then Akosha Team will send a well drafted letter explaining the details of complaint along with the inconvenience caused to you.
  4. Incase, company doesn't resolve your query, Akosha will help you in We draft the consumer complaint along with an affidavit as per the prescribed format. You just need to sign the documents and submit them to consumer court (it takes 2-3 hours).


In past, many other companies have tried to resolve consumer complaints using this model but failed, one company was which has started with a bang and many of our readers have availed their service but they didn't able to survive in this market.


Akosha has chosen a different approach where one side they are handing consumer grievances and on other hand working closely with top merchants and giving them crucial data & analytics on how they are performing as far as complaint resolution is concerned vis-à-vis other brand in their category.


So what are you waiting for, Just visit Akosha Now and file your complaints. For those who have already availed their service, don't forget to share your valuable feedback below.

File your online complaint for free at Akosha


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