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Ghee or clarified Makhan, made from milk, has an essential role in our daily life. Ghee is used for nourishment, healing in Ayurveda and is common in cooking purposes.

There are different types of Ghee available like Cow ghee, Buffalo Ghee, and Jersey Cow Ghee. It is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of various Ghee for our healthy life before we actually choose what should we consume.

Difference Between Cow Ghee Vs Buffalo Ghee:-

Cow Ghee Buffalo Ghee
Cow ghee is good for children to reduce obesity and in protecting from diseases like cardiovascular, thyroid, etc.

Less beneficial for children.

Cow ghee contains lots of minerals, vitamins, calcium, and protein Buffalo ghee is rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
It gives less milk. It gives more milk
Cow milk is slimmer. Less slimy
It is yellow, light in feel tastes excellent, and best for health.

Buffalo Ghee is whitish and has a greenish tinge

Cow ghee is much better than buffalo ghee.

Buffalo ghee is heavier than cow ghee.

Chemical Composition Of Ghee


Constituents Cow milk ghee Buffalo milk ghee
Fat (%) 99 – 99.5 99 – 99.5
Moisture (%) <0.5 <0.5
Carotene(mg/g) 3.2-7.4
Vitamin A(IU/g) 19-34 17-38
Cholesterol (mg/100g) 302 – 362 209 – 312
Tocopherol(mg/g) 26 – 48 18 – 31
Free fatty acid (%) 2.8 2.8

Top Ghee Brands You Can Buy:-

1. Nandini Pure Ghee, 1L (Pouch)

  • Fresh and delicious flavor
  • Remedy for nausea
  • MRP- Rs. 450
  • Discounted Price- Rs. 430.

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2. Vanalaya Ashwagandha Infused Desi Cow Ghee Using Vedic Bilona Method (500ml)

  • This unique ghee is prepared by mixing and boiling Ashwagandha powder with ghee.
  • This ghee is bitter in taste and is an excellent source of vitamins and energy. 
  • MRP- Rs. 1,800.
  • Discounted Price- Rs. 1,500.

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3. Sri Sri Tattva Cow’s Premium Ghee (500ml)

  • The ghee is very delicious and healthy. 
  • It can be consumed daily.
  • MRP- Rs. 375.

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4. Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee, 1L

  • This Aashirvaad Ghee comes with natural aroma and taste.
  • It is pure cow ghee.
  • MRP- Rs. 558.

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5. Gowardhan Cow Ghee 1 Kg

  • A quality product which is Compliance Approved. 
  • MRP- 620
  • Discounted Price- Rs.  560. 


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