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There was a time when all a printer could do is “print”. Let’s admit it, that was the time when printer never earned a good reputation. The big office printers witnessed paper jams and the home printers would simply run out of ink after printing few pages.

But just when the printer sector was becoming obsolete in many areas, especially homes. Technological advancements gave the printers a new form. Today, it's hard to find a printer which can only print! but who would even want one of that? Unless you are super duper sure that all you want to do is print, you must go for latest printers.

With the power to print detailed graphics, photos, and improvements to the cloud and wireless printing, there are now a lot more reasons than ever to have a printer in your home and workplace.

Thus, in today’s tech-savvy world the need for a printer is indispensable. There are wide variety and brands of printers available in the market. Be it HP, Epson, Dell, Samsung, cannon or any other brands.  You can choose them depending on the requirements and budget.

There are a variety of printers like a color printer, ink printers, laser printers, matrix printers and photo printed by the popular brands.  However, if you are looking for a discount on printers, there is the best time! The brands have come out with their best of the best offers which can easily make any printer lie into your budget.

So what are you are waiting for?? Check out the best sellers and versions of printers and below and snatch the latest printer offers available soon, before they expire!

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Today, printers are most essential devices and there need is even more than ever. Be it the printing of the official documents, kids homework assignments or getting train and flight tickets print for that matter. No one likes to run all the way to cafe get such work done. Right? Plus, it consumes so much of the time! So give a solution to these everyday issues. Choose a light, stylish, versatile and efficient printer for all your needs.

But Before you explore different types of printers, it’s important to narrow down your requirements.

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How to Select Printers for Home, Offices and Small Workgroups?

Generally, printer users fall into these three categories.

  • Printer for Home users

The printer in the home can be used by individuals, families or students. At home, they might not require printing a lot but they could print anything from a homework assignment to photos to the creative project. So what you need is a versatile printer with a low cost of a color inkjet printer.

  • Printers for “Work from Home” or Small-Office Users

The users in this category may print little or a more depends on the work, but they always look for professional quality output. So it depends whether you need a laser printer or an inkjet printer. However, in many cases, a similarly priced color inkjet printer would work and will be economic.  

  • Printers for Small Workgroups in a Business Environment

The user's requirements of this category will require a printer that can juggle tasks and handle the heavy demand. Therefore the users are looking for cutting-edge technology, versatility, and efficiency that can satisfy the crowd. There are supercharged Hp printers in various models. Buy HP Printer online and get the best printer technology you aspire for.

Check out some of the latest printers offers that you can get NOW!

TOP SITE OFFER Offers Details
Amazon 30% discount Get 30% off + Rs 75 cashback by using Amazon Pay balance
Flipkart 50% discount Get printer at 50% off 25% cashback starting from Rs 1795
Snapdeal 40% discount Get 40% off on all branded laser Jet printers
Paytm Discount upto 70% off Get printers at 70% off 15% cashback

Printers can generally be split into two main categories: Inkjet printer and laser printer. Both printers are equipped with different sets of features and functionality that can meet specific users needs. So before you buy inkjet or laser printers, here’s what you need to know to choose the best one.

What are the Most Common types of Printers?


           Inkjet printer

          Laser printer


Highly Economic

Expensive  to buy


  Slightly slow

Very fast

Cost per print

In terms of cost per print- Expensive

In terms of cost per print- Economical

Best suitable for

  • For Homes and small office users
  • Interested in graphics, photos and colors
  • Print less documents
  • Large enterprises and offices
  • High requirement of printing


  • High quality photos
  • Average document quality
  • Professional looking  photo quality
  • Average photo quality
  • Gives good value printing for black and white pages

Looking for a Printer for Both Home and Office? Go for All in one Printer

Gone are the days when printers used to only print! Today, this one machine can do a lot more than just printing. So how about getting a print that can print, copy, fax, and scan with high resolution and quality? That too, without costing you much! Sounds great, isn’t?

If your requirements are more than just printing, go for all in one printer. These printer machines are cost saving as you don’t need other machines for different functions. In fact, most of them have built-in wifi connectivity, so that you can print from several PCs, laptops and even with your tablets and mobiles.

With the latest discount on printers, you can buy best all in one printer from the top-rated brands like Canon, Samsung, Hp, Panasonic and a lot more.

What about Refurbished Printers? Are they Reliable?

In one word, the answer is “Yes”. Using refurbished electronics is high in demand and printers are not away from this trend. It’s a great way if you have a small budget. In such a case purchasing refurbished printers in worth. Refurbished printers are not necessarily “used” products. These are the ones that are returned by the buyer due to any reason. Sometimes even without opening the parcel. Yes, that happens quite a lot.

Plus, even the "used" machines undergo a thorough testing stage before they are sold. The printer is then tested in a variety of ways before getting certified by a trained team of technicians as resaleable again. So they are highly efficient. One of the reliable portal in this regard is eBay. EBay refurbished printers are high in demand and reliability.

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