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Xiaomi Redmi 1S on sale tomorrow. Register today to get one of 60,000 Redmi 1S !!!!!!

It has been a controversy for a long time that despite of a longing demands in India Xiaomi has not been manufacturing the required amount of handsets to be available for sale. Well this time it is different.
Xiaomi has put up their largely craved Redmi 1S on sale with 60,000 units to be sold on 23rd September, 2014 and nonetheless through only.


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How to purchase

The registrations has been started and today is in fact the last day to register for the brand new Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So, in order to book yourself a redmi, first register on and to register click here. Click here and grab the amazing product.

But wait there is more than just registering for it. you have to make sure that you are ready to put the Redmi in cart in order to pay for it. Earlier we have disclosed the secret or simple steps to book yourself a Redmi 1S. You can also follow these methods to get your hands on Redmi 1S tomorrow.

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