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Xiaomi announces the launch of its new 55-inch 4K Mi TV 2 with ultra-thin bezel for Rs 50,000


Xiaomi has been seen as a dominant leader in smartphone manufacturing in the world but recently the status of 'just being' a smartphone manufacturer has been altered by the latest launch of its 40 inch Mi TV 2, hence making it as a dust in the eyes of the other TV manufacturers of the world. The new 55 inch TV is one of its own type as it comes with a Samsung HD 4K (3840×2160) panel. This panel is itself a very intriguing topic to discuss as it is believed that Xiaomi considers Samsung as its food for the market share. With it Mi TV 2 contains MStar 6A928 processor along with a whooping 2GB RAM, with upgraded Bluetooth sub-woofer and sound panel.

According to Xiaomi, the specifications would be :


Anyways the cost of the TV would be round about Rs. 50,000 only which is infact very less if compared to this kind of specifications in the TV. As stated earlier by Mr. Manu, Xiaomi (India) that India is the 'largest' market in term of potential after China, this TV too have a probability to acquire a space in the mind of the consumers. But the problem is the marketing strategy of the company. As in India the TV is a decision which is generally made by the senior or earning members of the company which do not believe in the registration and flash sale stuff. They want it simple, they want it direct. Lets see what this amazing low priced high features TV can do.