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After Delhi rape case, Uber and Ola are banned. But still Delhi have a lot of transportation modes which are safe for girls at night

Yet another dark December embroidered in the history of the 'Delhi development face'. An innocent spirit was harassed by a devil in human skin. This resulted in the ban of radio-taxi services like Uber & Ola.

However these are aggregators and aggregators are just to provide merely an online platform to connect the customer to the cab driver. What we think is that instead of banning them, government should impose a heavy fine on the company and the received fine should be provided to the victim. Along with that, strict rules and regulations should be imposed on the aggregators regarding the verification, G.P.S. etc. 

 Instead, women who have to travel late night, due to the dismissal of the service will find an alternative closed for them.

But wait, there are still a lots of transportation means which could be used by girls which are reliable and best among all. 

#1 Delhi Metro


Its a bit crowdy and do not operate during night. But if you wish to travel at 11:00 in the night then this is the best mean to transport from. 


#2 'The First caller' from JustDial.com



Call 'justdial' at 08888888888 and wait for the first caller. As the first caller is usually a person who have paid for the priority which means that he/she means business only. 


#3 Easy Cab


The app has been registered under the Delhi government’s Economy Radio Taxi Scheme. As the name suggests, it is easy to get a cab on 'easycab'.


#4 DTC night bus


Unlike in Nirbhaya case, the buses are sponsored by government, the conductors and drivers are of clean record. The DTC is about to introduce a lot more female drivers which would be much more comfortable to travel with.


#5 Apne Autowale Bhaiya


The all time hit, but do not travel with a guy who is drunk. 


#6 Hire near a Police Van



There are atleast a police van at every 500 meter distance. Contact them and they will hire a transport for you. 

And even if you are in party or anywhere else, no matter if you are a boy/girl, manage a round trip option for night because there are always demons lurking in the night. We have our sincere sympathy and respect for the victim of henious Shiv Kumar Yadav. And we wish that anything like this should never ever happen in the country.