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Apple initiating discontinuation of its popular iPhone 5c series


Reports are flowing fast about Apple initiating discontinuatiuon of its popular iPhone 5c series.

The news has come in such a time when market has been flooded by various low price smartphones. Already Apple iPhone 6 is ruling the high price smartphone category but like always Apple will be discontinuing the production of its largely successful iPhone 5c according to Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times report. Apple suppliers Wistron and Foxconn will be stopping the production by the mid of 2015. 

Apple is based upon the elite feel and a different experience it provides to the users.With Tim Cook experiments came and with experiments came unprecedented results, for example the the colourful plastic iPhone 5c smartphone were associated with high sales but the sales were rather disappointing. 

Anyways it is a time for change and Apple understands that with time, change comes and with change old things eradicate. And thats the rule of innovation. Nothing is new & best for long.