YouTube may launch subscription-based video service !!


YouTube is set to launch a new mnthly based subscriptio service offering categorized contents and videos. The need for the paid service is arised from the increase of 'anything uploaded' on Youtube. The Youtube will soon launch it and a lot of customers or Youtue viewers are happy to accept it.

According to the reports of  Verge, Youtube is “exploring the prospect of launching its own subscription VOD service.” The subscription will offer users ad-free streaming of certain video content that are part of the program.This whole subscription thing could be more or less from the rise in such services from competitors such as, Vimeo, Hulu, Vessel, etc. By offering this kind of paid service, Youtube can offer a lot of better videos and other benefits would be there.

dog-rolling-in-money-oThe service seems to be like YouTube Music Key where you can get ads-free access to music of your wish. The price for that was merely $7.99 per month. Introduction of a paid subscription service will make YouTube to be able to get more money for its content creators. We think Google is in profit and the money can be used here. frown