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Flower Therapy: Ensuring Spiritual and Psychological Health with Flowers

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Flowers are universally accepted as a means to convey gratitude, love and emotions. However, their infinite beauty and hues carry meanings beyond the material and tangible aspects of life. While several research and studies are exploring how flowers ease physical pain and stress level in patients and in general, people inclined towards spiritual practices have always believed and found them to be healing, protecting and expanding carriers of nature. Amidst Valentine’s Day flowers home delivery in Bangalore, we explore a different tangent of spiritual evolution and the meaning flowers carry with them. (Yes, they are much more than the ornaments adorning the altar!)

Flowers have been given a higher pedestal in mythology. Lotus is a revered flower in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. In oriental mythology, it is bamboo and carnations. In Korea too, three carnations symbolise divination, and in medieval Christianity, the red carnations are believed to be sprung from Mother Mary’s tears. So, the connection is there and we have to make sense of it. Have a look!


Carnations around you give a message to feel gratitude and to say ‘Thank You’ so that you feel aligned to the Universe and are more receptive. Since carnations come in varied colours, different colours interpret different meanings. Pink carnations help you be at peace with your maternal side and strengthen your bond with mother whereas white carnations denote purity and gradually let you detach from the material pleasures.


The flowers push you forward to a higher tangent of spiritual commitment. Keep them around for intermittent fasting or for any spiritual practice to strengthen your dedication towards the cause.


Daisies are happy flowers that restore a sense of peace and joie-de-vivre. Have them around for positivity and enforce a general sense of well-being.


Lily is a flower that shows and respects your commitment and devotion. This is why it is a must-have at weddings and an integral part of wedding floral arrangement. For the materialistic world, they ensure marital success, and for a spiritual purpose, it may give you a boost to stay true to yourself and resolution.

Just a word of caution: Lilies are poisonous to cats. So, if you have a kitty, try daisy or orchids for consistency and steer clear of any unnecessary dissent.


The flower is highly revered in the spiritual world. It reflects and honours your connection and alignment to the Universe. If you are meditating, having its picture around and offering it at the altar is believed to do wonders.


Orchid is a bloom of breakthrough and overcoming challenges. The flowers mark the track of time. Put the orchids in a sunlit corner where you spend most of the time while meditating or working. As the flowers start wilting, they mark your progress and accomplishment of a goal. If they don’t even after a significant period, it marks the plateau and the achievement you have managed to sustain through.


The traditional symbol of love and emotion, rose is kind and majestic. If you want to add a pop of colour and oodles of fragrance to an otherwise dull day, roses are it.


Are you overreacting and being oversensitive to small stuff? Can’t let go of the past? Can’t rip that band-aid off? It is time to bring some tulips around you to welcome peace and positivity in your surroundings. The spiritual ecosystem believes it to be the flower of salvation – a bloom that lets you restore inner calm and helps you let it all go-and making you free of emotions, physical manifestation and toxic relations that are holding you back.

Bird of Paradise

The flamingo flower protects, preserves and guides you through spiritual practice. It helps you to focus and remove the distraction when you meditate or work.

Mental Health with Flowers: At a Glance

Flower essences and flowers have been used since times immemorial to relieve emotional and psychosomatic issues. The noted Dr Edward Bach has segregated flower essences into seven groups based on emotional issues they address:

  • Cherry plum, rock rose,Mimulus and aspen alleviate the fragile state of fear one is experiencing
  • The feeling of guilt and excessive care for the well-being of others can be addressed by the aroma and floral essence of chicory, beech, and vine and rock water.
  • The times when you can’t find the strength to get out of bad and when things around you stop making sense, it is time to be around pine, oak, sweet chestnut, willow, crab apple and elm
  • If you find yourself overreacting too often, make a conscious effort to reduce these feelings with holly and walnut essence
  • The sense of loneliness can be decreased using the floral essence of heathen, impatiens and water violet
  • Struggle with staying present and live the moment? Reduce the feeling of anxiety and sadness with olive, wild roses, mustard, clematis and honeysuckle flowers
  • Go with the flow (If only we could practice it). Cerato, wild oat and hornbeam can help you keep anxiety levels in check by eliciting feel-good vibes

Flowers can improve your mood and enhance the feeling of positivity. And don’t wait for someone to send flowers! Remember, charity begins at home, and the feeling of love begins with you! Indulge in some self-love and feel the flower power! Please note that the flowers aren’t a microwave solution to any of the malaise. You need to work constantly to be a better person-mentally, physically and spiritually as flowers become your constant companion in this journey.