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The evolution of western fashion over the years-female

The evolution of western fashion is very interesting and peculiar to notice. When I first thought to write it I could not compile abundant variety which fashion evolution holds because for God's sake its vast.

Anyways here are some of the most well known fashion wear for females.

Frock : Since 1900's


What could I say, If old is gold then this is diamond. Basically an elite and decent look which garnished the inner beauty of a women.


The LBD a.k.a Little Black Dress : Since 1930's


image courtesy : vintagetextile.com

During the great depression, women found a way to look stunning while saving money through this amazing dress type.


The Menswear : 1940's to 50's


image courtesy : tumblr.com

During 1940's a trend got its hold on western countries and a shirt and trousers on women looked hot and became popular.


The sketched beauty-pencil skirt : Since 1950's till date


After a decade when women finally lose grip on menswear they adopted a new type of wear, pencil skirt. It looked amazing and became celebrities choice.


Mini : Since 1960's till now


image courtesy : staticflickr.com

60's was the time when mini were introduced which were integrated skirts. It has been fashionable since.


Bell Bottom : Since 70's till um.. a few month

70s plaid high-waisted bell bottoms womens pants small-f78566

image courtesy : .loveitsomuch.com

Bell bottom were first experimented in the era of 70's in permutations and combinations of various tops and sandals. High heels were arguably the cause of bell bottom.


High Heels : Since late 60's till now


image courtesy : wheretoget.it

Amazing personality catalyst. high heels were something which ladies were practicing to carry because they looked, well, great in'em.


Dum Maro Dum : Since 1970's till 80's


image courtesy : 7thavenuecostumes.com

A Bandana with loose Kurta and a groovy trousers, this was when fashion got a face of chilling out while kicking out your tensions.


Jeans : Since 1980's till.. well looks like forever…


image courtesy : bigcartel.com

What a great wear. Got a kick start in 80's, It soon became the definition of fashion over the years.


Minimalist dressing : Since mid 90's till now


image courtesy : youlookfab.com

The cool shade of Grey made it glittery and calm. It made women feel the confidence in themselves and enhanced their beauty by many folds.


All the dresses are based on popularity and trend it set. If you have any suggestions for any kind of change you may think that should fit in here then please feel free to comment.

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