Hey Guys! Here is what you need to wear on special occasions

“Red wali shirt ya black wali jeans ya sherwani”. During various occasions you would feel a confusion in your mind about what to wear and what not to wear. What suits better and what could make you look, well not a fit in the theme.

The Shaadi


If its your cousin or brother then wear as simple Sherwani as possible. There would be a lot of chacha, mama, Tau ji. But if its your friend who is getting married then go for a dark themed shinning whatever you love.

The Birthday Party


It is a time where you should be as simple and as elegant as possible. This is the time when people have a tendency to ‘notice’.

The Reunion Party


This is the time when you should have the simplest and the most decent formal attire. This is the time to let people know how hard core gentleman with strong personality you’ve become over the last few years.

The Farewell party


It is a genuine bye-bye to a person, be as simple as you could be. A t-shirt and jeans would suffice.

The ‘Known-Surprise’ party


This sounds strange but some of us are so diligent that we can sense some fishy is going on. For example, no one is celebrating your birthday or pretending to ignore you on your special day. Beware, if you don’t want your self to get shot in shorts with friends then just grab some good clothes which could serve as a fit for a surprise-party victim.


These inferences are drawn on the basis of various blogs and fashion reviews, if you have some suggestions/opinions/changes in your mind then you are free to contact us anytime you want. And we will be more than happy to post them.


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