Facebook got a billion downloads on playstore ; Facebook becomes the only non-google app to cross 1 Billion downloads

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The undisputed king of the android has been challenged by Facebook. Facebook now has over a billion download, this makes it the only non-google app to achieve this unprecedented number.

Till now Facebook has been a milestone in social media sphere and it has the largest number of members of members than any other social media platform. Through playstore it was believed that no one can touch a billion downloads except google apps. But recent news confirms that facebook is now enjoying another ‘billion tag’ on it in app world.  After Google Maps, Youtube and Gmail, Facebook is the fourth app to achieve this height.

Story doesn’t end over here as the company’s another arm, Whatapp, is expected to see a count of billion downloads this year. With its more than 600 million active members, lets see what other mile stone Mark Zuckerberg have to mark.



Xiaomi Redmi 1S 38,000 units got sold out in 4.2 seconds

Here we go with another flash sale from Xiaomi. Hugo Barra, vice president of international operations confirmed that the sixth flash sale was over in 4.2 seconds. Today, Xiaomi Redmi 1S was set to be out in market through Flipkart.com, but as we have already witnessed a gap in demand and supply by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, this time too Xiaomi’s incapability to fulfill the need of market has set off many people.


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This time out of 40,000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S units that was available for sale on 2nd September, 2000 were exclusive to Flipkart First subscribers yesterday whereas remaining 38000 units were available today for sale. Many have opted to “Flipkart first Subscriber” service just to be lucky but unfortunately they also had to go empty handed.  So in short, investing Rs.500 and becoming a Flipkart first subscriber is not a sure shot of getting your hands on Redmi 1s, also those who are thinking that ordering from Flipkart Mobile App is a good idea, I am sorry…don’t ever try this. The only way to get Xiami phone on 9th Sep is user high speed connection,login into your Flipkart Account atleast 1 hour before and click on “Buy” Button the moment time is out.

With features like 4.7-inch HD 720p display, 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapixel rear camera, 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera, 8GB internal storage, microSD card slot and a 2,000mAh battery in only at Rs 5,999 only. This smartphone was really a celebrity for which 250,000 users had registered for the sale but only 40,000 were able to get their hands on it. Along with the handset, Xiaomi is also giving out a complimentary screen protector and a SIM card adapter with today’s units. The devices are expected to be shipped to the buyers within seven days. Well, people are really attracted towards the brilliant offerings Xiaomi have for people but the inability to supply 84% of interested customers who have a capability to pay is in real business sense a big amount of revenue loss, profit loss, reputation loss and market share loss. The gap in supply and demand could become a bad mark on brand image forever. Mr. Hugo may enjoy this as a small term success but in the long term the company could face lack of faith of people in it. Here is what people on Twitter are saying:

Anyways, registrations are again starting today at 6 p.m for 9th September sale. Lets see how many would get lucky this time.

Click here to register yourself for Xiamo Redis 1S sale


Iphone 6 : what’s new in the most anticipated smartphone of the year

Apple is known for crossing the threshold of technology benchmark set by world. This 9th of September we will yet again witness the same phenomenon.

Apple has announced the release of its brand new iPhone 6 in the second week of September this year. It is just not another upgraded version of previous iPhones in the category this iPhone have a lot of special in it. No matter what features other companies are giving in what price, when it comes to iPhone, it is about status, unbeatable quality and a way ahead technology in hand.

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Lets have a look!!!

With a 17% larger screen, Iphone is rumored to have a 16MP of camera and a 2MP of front camera. It is also said that it will have a battery of 2900 mA which will give it much better back up. It will have a internal storage of 64GB, while the 128GB version would be launched in coming few months.

The effulgent side of the latest model

All these features looks not so attractive and could be found in a lot of latest released handsets but it will have a iOS 8 and 2.0 GHz A8 chipset which will give it amazing functioning and great experience. Market is saying that iPhone 6 will use Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for its camera which will provide a crystal clear blur less image. It is also said that it may have sapphire glass for its screen protection which Apple has used in the camera lens of iPhone 5.

Near Field communication

Ever thought about taking your phone instead of wallent for shopping? Well looks like this year we’re gonna witness it. The NFC feature allows you to pay through your iPhone. The technology has driven a lot of attention as the iPhone is said to not only let you pay for music but also for day to day transactions.

iOS 8

It is not just about processing but about functionality and add-ons. Soon we will see a new Healthkit app as an arm of iOS 8 which would keep track of your health and fitness. You can also share apps, music and books, photos,videos and documents to iCloud and don’t forget SIRI. This time it would not be just a iPhone but it would be something which you would like to have as an asset of fortune.

Price and premium

We know that for premium we have to pay price. It has been said that this smartphone, as always, would be of high price ( Around Rs 50,000 ) and obviously would be for the high income group. Market is now flooded with amazing option in low price. It is the brand image of Apple and a few attractive features which draws the rich segment toward it which gives a temptation of holding ‘the’ most sophisticated “smartphone” on earth. Well there is a lot of wait for the iPhone in the market. All we have to do is to wait to see what’s in the Pandora box this 9th September.

Way to go Steve!



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MSN messenger to go bye bye on 31st october, 2014

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Microsoft has announced that its MSN messenger or Windows Live Messenger will be retired on 31st October this year. Microsoft will shift the users to skype.

MSN to go bye bye on 31st october, 2014. Though the news of discontinuation has been announced, users can still log in to Messenger from a Windows Live Messenger armed with “Messenger Reviver” patch.

MSN messenger was started way back in 1999 when it step directly into competition with AOL’s AIM service. But the dedicated, smooth and easy service of MSN made it the black horse and ultimately the trophy of market share was given to Microsoft.

It started when there was an era of connectivity and through it, people started to get to know one another. It increased the social sphere and actually helped businesses to bloom. But alas! Microsoft has finally decided bury the great messenger into the grave of experience. Still it have our wonderful moments attached to it  which will take much longer time to fade away.

image courtesy : studentbeans.com

image courtesy : studentbeans.com

Farewell MSN!!!


Windows in a new home, new HTC M8 with Windows 8.1 is buzzing in the market

You can’t fill a cup which is already full? Well take a new Taiwanese cup and fill that. Microsoft has introduced a new smartphone enwrapped with windows as OS and broke the pattern of with Nokia. Since a long time Microsoft has been introducing its operating system in various Nokia handsets. It has been successful enough through a long period of time but now along with its Nokia pact, Microsoft has set off to make a new ally in the league.


Its hard for a company to make a new market for itself but its easy to get in the market with a well established brand. That is what we can observe from an unexpected amalgamation of these two companies. With an exclusive two years contract, HTC is launching a brand new handset in its popular M8 series with Microsoft’s windows 8.1 in HTC M8.

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The smartphone has been exclusively launched with a starting price of $99 i.e a lot cheaper than other handsets in this range. Lets talk about the features this latest product of HTC holds.

Operating System Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, Snapdragon 801 quad-core chipset
Ram 2GB
Storage 32GB
Display including a 5-inch 1080p display
Camera Duo Camera with Ultra Pixel Technology sensor with a resolution of 4MP, as well as a 5MP camera on the front.
Physical attributes Same as previous versions of M8


Though it looks exactly the same as previous versions of the M8 series of HTC, the Microsoft enabled operating system windows 8.1 gives the user an exceptional experience. Though it is same as any other HTC one but the black,white and orange look gives a smart and vibrant look to it. The touch screen is smooth and very much ‘finger-friendly’ the price seems to be a lot more ‘pocket-friendly’ than other phones in the range.


It has been a few days since the initial news break of this brilliant product. But as far as I see, the product would be a huge success in India. If marketed properly and with a pre-entry “buzz”, this smartphone will take HTC up to a new level of sales figure. A rush towards Asus and Xiaomi-Mi3 has shown that the customer in India wants to have a good handset in a reasonable price. Despite of running toward status (iphone) customers are trying to make ‘smart’ decisions to buy the right ‘smart’phones which could suit their pocket.


HTC already have a market in India where people advocates for the brand. This in combination with windows 8.1 would take the demand up to a great extent. $99 comes to about Rs 6,000 which is a very reasonable price with all the feature it is providing. If it comes to India, HTC have to face competition from Motorola Moto E, Micromax Canvas Entice A105 and Micromax A93 Canvas Elanza none of which have the potential to challenge it over features and specifications M8 is delivering as of now.


A flight ticket of Rs 100 !! the real story behind a stunning marketing campaign

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Just a few days ago we heard about a mind blowing offer from a very big airlines. A flight ticket for Rs 100  only. It was a “wow” news and created a tsunami of buyers lining up online for the exclusive, unbelievable and amazing looking deal. The moment it started, true facts came in light.


Site got crashed

Not to mention what could a mixture of poorly managed online service and a blasting amount of visitors could do, a very well predicted server crash.

Air India posted on facebook in context of the whole so called ‘technical problem’ as “Air India expresses its sincerest apology to customers who tried to access our website during the last few hours. We are experiencing some technical problem with our servers and doing everything to minimize the amount of time necessary to restore our website,”


The real amount one have to pay was actually like this.

One has to still pay for taxes, fees, charges etc. These were excluded from the so called amazing discounts.


People were mesmerized by the magical attachment for their customers according to which, on the special eve of ‘Air India Day’, AirIndia would give special scheme which would be live for five days — from Aug 27 to 31.

After enjoying horrible service of the airlines, people started to shout out their fury on to social media and the flames are spreading like fire in the jungle. There were also reports of spending a large (more than actually needed) amount of money on the campaign to make it more remarkable. Although airlines is denying these reports and is saying that all of the expenditures were in budget and the allegations are baseless.

Well it did get a lot of media attention for sure but it also got a bad publicity from its customers. It was clearly a case of misguidance and mismanagement. Altogether it has bought a wound to the brand image and to revoke the confidence, AirIndia would take yet another long years of brilliant service to its customers.

INtex new phone launch

Latest Intex Cloud FX launched on snapdeal.com at an unbelievable price of Rs 1,999 only

Competing in the race with other big brands, Intex has launched brand new Intex Cloud FX powered by Firefox OS with the lowest price ever, Rs 1999. While targeting a very large low-priced segment in Indian subcontinent, Intex announced the launch of the handset on Monday August 27, 2014. Obviously it will face a lot of competition from Nokia Asha but the elegant features Intex Cloud FX are providing are obviously no match for the competitors in its price category. The features that Intex Cloud FX holds are amazing for a price as low as Rs 1,999.

image courtesy: snapdeal.com

With an exclusive tie-up with online retail giant Snapdeal.com, Intex Cloud FX provides features like :

Price Rs 1,999/- only
operating System Firefox OS
Processor 1.3 GHz processor
Memory 256MB internal & Expandable memory up to 4GB
Camera 2MP rear camera
Display 3.5″ HVGA with 320 x 480 pixels screen
Battery 1250mAh (Li-ion), 200 hours of standby time
Other features Dual SIM (GSM + GSM), Bluetooth/Wi-FiSMS/Email/MMS
Purchase station Snapdeal.com
Exclusive Tie-up Aircel, 500MB of free data every month for three months.

It is available at snapdeal.com in black and white color, so far, white versions have been sold out, one can still go for the black ones. It comes along with per-loaded games, facebook and twitter. If you own this smartphone, you also have an advantage of getting 500MB of data free every month for three months. Though Spice’s FireOne Mi – FX1 serves as a very close competitor in features but it still lack a thousand bucks (priced at Rs 2,999) to come in price range, so, obviously Intex Cloud FX is cheapest and a unique handset in its category.

INtex new phone launch

image courtesy : mobiletor.com

Once it has been a time where status was shown with the price one use to pay for the premium. Today scenario has changed and Indian customers are buying smartphones ‘smartly’ with the intention of gaining as much as possible with minimum possible price.Intex Cloud FX has just launched with a lot of expectations but only time can tell that how much it would be successful.

Buy Intex Cloud FX from Snapdeal here [Currently Both Black & White model of this Phone are out of stock]

Air India Flight Offer error

This Sucks! Air India Website got crashed within hours of their Rs.100 Offer Launch

Air India Flight Offer error

Yesterday we shared one interesting blog post where you can buy Air India flight Tickets at just Rs.100 , Offer was really good in fact it was so good that AirIndia website got crashed within hours of Day -1 offer launch. Currently their site is showing the below error message :

The system is currently busy.

Please try again in a few minutes.

Thank you for your patience.


Initial the error page was different and This is the error message we got, when we tried to login

 - ‘Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems that the page you were trying to reach doesn’t exist anymore, or maybe it has just moved.’

Air India is celebrating it’s first “Air India Day” to mark its merger with Indian Airlines in 2007. In this celebration they promised to offer flight tickets at just Rs.100 excluding taxes and other charges for next five days from August 27 to 31 for ticket booked for traveling period 27th Aug to 30th Sep. Overall this is really a great offer for flyers but Air India’ website has disappointed everyone single fan of theirs.

For those who want to know how exactly Rs.100 ticket looks like and what other charges one has to pay, here is a snapshot of final ticket:

Air india offer ticker

Here is what fans are saying on Twitter:


Air India air hostesses, wear their new

Air India to Offer flight tickets at Rs.100 for next 5 Days

Air India air hostesses, wear their new

Air India is celebrating it’s merger with Indian Airlines by offering flight tickets at just Rs.100 (exl Fuel Surcharge,Taxes & Fees) for five days starting from 27th August. This offer is applicable only on tickets booked through Indian Airline’s official portal.

According to  Airline’s official statement

 Air India will be observing August 27 as Air India Day, the day erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India were amalgamated into one airline. This is the first time that the airline will be celebrating the Air India Day

This is for the first time that the airline will be celebrating the Air India Day. The good thing about this offer is that unlike other ongoing travel offers, you can book tickets for travel between August 27 and September 30, 2014. For traveler who love to travel by Air India , this could be the best time to book tickets.


It is important to note that other airlines like SpiceJet & AirAsia are also giving whopping discount on ticket bookings. Spicejet is offering tickets at Rs.1888 whereas AirAsia is giving you an option to buy flight tickets at Rs.600 only (this included other charges too)

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air asia offer

Now Book Flight Tickets at just Rs.600 from AirAsia

Air Asia – the recently launched budgeted carrier has started another price war in Indian Airline Industry by offering air fares from Rs.600 only. Previously Spicejet has started selling tickets at Rs. 1,888 but this offer will definitely take light away from SpiceJet.

air asia offer

Under this new Offer from AirAsia, all in Fares from Bangalore to Chennai and Kochi are starting from Rs. 600 and vice versa. For Bangalore to Goa and vice versa, the promotional fares start from Rs. 900.  On Bangalore to Chandigarh and Jaipur routes, the fares start from Rs. 1,900 and vice versa.

This offer is applicable only for ticket booked between 25th aug to 31st aug’14 and have travel period between 1st march to 24th October 2015

Kindly note, AirAsia India is currently operating only in selected cities like Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, and Goa and from September 5, AirAsia India will start flights from Bangalore to Jaipur and Bangalore to Chandigarh.


For those who are know to AirAsia, it is a three-way venture between Malaysia-based AirAsia Berhad, Tata Group and investment firm Telestra Tradeplace and they have started their operations from June 12 in India.

If you want to avail this offer, visit AirAsia Now or else, try booking tickets from third party sites like Yatra or MakeMyTrip.com

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SpiceJet is also running similar offer where you can book tickets from Rs. 1,888 under a festive season offer. This limited-period offer from SpiceJet is valid on bookings till August 27, 2014 (inclusive) and travel between September, 25, 2014 and January, 15, 2015 (both dates inclusive).


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