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Only the best can do these 8 types of hardest PushUps in the world

The basic one

8TAW6FZFirst you have to master this one. The moment you can do 80-90 of this basic pushup in a single go, then you are ready for the level 2.

Now Lets see our list of Top 8 hardest types of pushups which only the best of the best can do:

1. Single Clap Pushup


This one is for the beginers. The moment you think that you are now comfortable with the pushups, try this form of pushup. A simple pushup which needs just a bit of push to the body so that you can gain a tiny moment to clap before reaching back to your original position. This is the only one I could achieve in my life cheeky

2. One-Hand Push-Up  

one hand push up

This kind of pushup is the second degree of the ‘next level’ of pushup experts. It needs right postion and high strength.

3. Muy Thai Push-Up


You need to bvounce with enough strength so that your body stay in the air long enough to give you time to clap on you back.

4. Superman Push-Up

superman pushup

No comments on this one. It is primarily for shoulder and is harder to do than it looks.

5. Triple Clap Push-Up

3 clap pushup

A bounce high enough to give you time to make three claps, one in front, one at back and last one again in front of your chest while you come back to your original position.Speed and bounce is the key here.

6. Two-Finger Push-Up

two finger pushup

This excercise requires you to bear your entire body weight on just your thumb and the index finger. Pain and practice are the counterparts here. You have to practice a lot to master this variant. 

7. 90-Degree Push-Up

9 degree puhupgif source gif

It’s the 90-Degree push-up, mostly done by the gymnasts and fitness crazy guys. 

8. Aztec Push-Up


To perform this, you have to lift your entire body high enough so that you can use your arm as a pump. This need an excellent amount of strength and practice.

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