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The legendary Steve Jobs is back !!


Remember 'Pirates of Sillicon valley'? This was an amazing movie which introduced the crest and trough of the life of Steve Jobs & Bill Gates. Then after came a movie in 2013 which was the biopic where Ashton Kutcher’s performed as the legendary Steve Jobs. Now Steve Jobs is back in a new movie played by Michael Fassbender.

Steve Jobs was the father iPhone and the co-founder of the multi-billion Dollar company Apple. 

This movie is the adapted version of the biography written about the Apple co-founder by Walter Isaacson. 

The trailer is very strong, deep and focused. It showcase the thought process of Steve Jobs and about what his colleague used to think about him. The movie releases in theaters on October 9. This latest Flick about Jobs will be starring Michael Fassbender as the great man himself. 

Watch the new Steve Jobs trailer starring Michael Fassbender here: