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Top 10 hottest countries in the world

Do you think its too hot this time in Summers, Well there are a few countries which are way too hot than India in Summers. We have based our list on the average temperature and the longevity of the summer durations. here is the list of Top 10 hottest countries in the world.

10. Mexico 

This amazing country have a temperature of about 50 degrees during summer. Springs are awesome in Mexico. It has gained 10th position on our list.


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9. Somalia

The temperature here varies between 48-50 degrees and summers are long. 


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8. India

The country holds a brilliant temperature for all kind of agricultural activities. Not too cold, not too hot but a few places experience about 50+ degree of temperature. 


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7. Sudan 

With an average of 45-48 degree temperature, Sudan has ranked as 7th in the position. 


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6. Oman 

This beautiful country with amazing oasis and awesome beaches varies with 45 to 50-53 in temperature.


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5. Iran – Cold in summer 

Like most of the Arab countries, this country is way too hot in Summers varying over 48-50 degrees in temperature.

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4. Algeria

The country have a whooping temperature of 50 degrees during day and 25 degrees night

El-Atteuf, the oldest of the five valley towns, founded in 1013

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3. Iraq

The temperature varies from 40 to 50 degrees . It is way too hot in summers but there are a few mountain areas which experiences snowfall in Iraq.


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2. Saudi Arabia 

50 degrees throughout the year. As hot as rich.


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1. Libya - 

This ever hot country is like an oven for a very long time during the summers. Libya is infact the hottest country in the world.


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