Flipkart got a spam alert, product priced double than its MRP.

On a fine Wednesday of 3rd June, Flipkart got a lightning thunder when a user Mr. Mani Sankar Sen pointed out an issue in a product posted by the poster boy of online shopping a.k.a Flipkart. Have a look at the pic below and you can easily point out the anomaly which got Flipkart into controversies, again. 

Mani sankar


What is the whole case?

The case was about a women sandals 'Canvera Wedges' which shows a MRP on back as Rs.399 however the price listed on the site was same i.e. Rs.399 strangely after a 50% discount. The MRP stated for the product was Rs.799 on Flipkart but the true price was clearly visible on the back of the sandal.


The Reaction was outrageous as the company got severe negative reviews from users. However Flipkart came back to apologies for the whole incident and stated that it has removed and banned the seller on its platform. This case has really let down the trust of so called 'SALE' on online sites and has given a very bad impression of Flipkart. 

Anyways, Kudos to Flipkart on reacting this much fast over this issue. 

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