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Fighting Pain !! Know how to Sit in Front of Computer or Laptop to avoid pain..

Not even working people but also kids, teenager etc sits in front of computer and that too for a long period of time. Recently this time has increased exponentially and people are stressing themselves with hawking on their computer. This has caused a lots of problems like pain in back, stressed eyes & much more.

Lets have a look as in how we should sit in front of computer at home or office so that we could remain energetic and healthy.

How to maintain correct posture in Home or Office



How to maintain correct posture while Traveling

A lot of people travel and they have to work or surf while traveling. During that time too it is important to understand how we should sit in front of computer.

Work, play or enjoy but keep your body relaxed. Keeping your self too stiff or too loose will inadvertently make you go under body-ace. Hence it is important to loose yourself a bit so that you can feel the freedom of working with healthy attitude both physical and mental.

Apart from this it is also very important to take continuous breaks of 5-15 minutes. Sitting too long is not a good habit to follow. The work dead-line has been always in demise as it has always been but its your health which would give you flavor of life .

Keep healthy, keep enjoying.