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TRICK to Boost Your WiFi Signals By Using Just An Empty Beer Can

Do you have a Wi-Fi? Is your Wi-Fi speed is as fast as a snail on a tree trunk? Here is a trick to boost your Wi-Fi signal speed.

Trick : Boosting Wifi Singnals using a beer can. 

What do you need?

  • Scissors
  • A can of beer (Empty) ;)
  • A razor knife
  • A Cellotape

Step 1: Drink your beer!

Do not plan to drive or be an engg. now, just relax for an hour and enjoy.

Step 2: Pull off the can’s tab

Trick Wifi signal boost

Step 3: Now, mark a red line above can’s bottom and cut the bottom end off completely using a razor knife.

Trick Wifi signal boost

Step 4: Take your razor knife to cut around the top, leaving the part below the opening, attached. Make sure the slice is not complete or else you will waste the can for the trick and will have to drink one more beer ;)

Trick Wifi signal boost

Step 5: Take a pair of scissors and cut along the middle line of the can (vertically), as shown in the pic.

Trick Wifi signal boost

Step 6: Carefully open up the middle piece of the can by flattening it out. It will look like a small antenna or a radar.

Wifi speed trick

Step 7: Put a little tape at the bottom and slide the whole arrangement on your wireless router’s antenna and you’re sorted! Just to attach it with the router, to prevent it falling and to make it adhere a static position.

Trick Wifi signal boost
You can use Adhesive too

8. Here you go, the new wi-fi booster, your personal signal booster is ready to serve you.



Here have a look at the video for better understanding of the ‘how’ part of the trick. :)

I hope i could get a trick to boost my 2G sim into 3G data speed. :(

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