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Lexus HoverBoard and the technology behind it

Lexus Hoverboard is the talk of the town. The hovering skateboard gives a glimpse of the future and the potential the technology of have. Yesterday, on August 4th, 2015 Lexus released a video of a few skaters skating on the Hoverboard which clearly gives the technology ‘implementation’ a 5 stars. Lets have a look of the official video:

Awesome, isn’t it? It is glittery, well furnished, well marketed and viral but as a matter of fact it is not the first in its type. About a year ago, Hendo Hoverboard has shown the potential of magnetic levitation. Here is the video of the Hendo Hoverboard:

Well, now let’s have a look behind the technology of the Hoverboard. The technology of the Hoverboard of Lexus works on the combination of superconductors, Liquid Nitrogen and permanent magnet. The superconductors are then stabilized with the flux pinning process which gives it balance and stability.


The superconductors are the metals with generally zero electrical resistance. THe superconductors, when cooled with the liquid Nitrogen, creates a phenomenon which forms an anti-magnetic field (generally known as Faraday’s Law of Induction).

The key principles used in the technology are:

1. Faraday law of Induction – According to the Faraday’s law of Induction a natural or artificial┬ámagnetic field when interacted with the electric circuit to produce an EMF (ElectroMotive Force) generally known as Electromagnetic Induction.

2. Meissner effect -


According to the Meissner effect, when a superconductor is cooled down below the critical temperature, the superconductor starts the expulsion of the magnetic field. In simple terms, magnetic levitation without the electrical current.


The artificial electromagnetic field formed repels the permanent magnet of the ground surface magnet and hence creating a levitating effect without electricity.

The phenomenon is basically the balanced and controlled form of the Superconductors magnetic levitation. However, the concept is brilliant and can be used for the future transport. It may be very expensive but it could be the door of the future.