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Amazon India Promotes Reading with the Top 25 Bestsellers List Each Month


The advent of social media in the digital age has sadly caused a lot of people to forgo the age-old habit of reading. This coupled with the fact that the availability of e-books has brought down the amount of paperback sales, has prompted e-retailers to find solutions that will boost book sales. In a stellar effort to promote reading habits in shoppers, Amazon India has initiated a program where they put up a list of the Top 25 bestsellers in the country. This write-up tells you about what exactly the offer entails.

  • What Shoppers can Look Forward to

The website’s version of the must reads is called the Amazon Best Reads that will comprise of 25 titles. These are made available to you in print as well as digital formats so that you are not inconvenienced. The announcement that is to be done each month will bring out 25 new titles on the 5th of the new month. This is done so that you can buy the paperback you would love to peruse through at alluring prices.

The initial list saw prominent books such as Ikshvaku Ke Vanshaj, Rahasya and also age-old favourites To Kill a Mockingbird and The Alchemist.

  • The Price Cut Offered by the Prominent E-Retailer

If you’re wondering about the price cut, you should know that the e-retailer is raking in shoppers with a staggering minimum of 50 % off on these purchases. Paperbacks will be offered with an MRP markdown of more than half the price so that you can feel free to shop away! Moreover, the digital formats of the same bestsellers can be bought at a convenient 20 % markdown on their price.

  • How they Sweeten the Deal for you

The leading e-retailer has also waived all of the delivery charges on these purchases. Since you can now make your purchase for paperbacks Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), you can get a neat discount without being anxious about the shipping price.

What is more is that you can use Amazon coupon codes to bring down the price of the books even more, which enables you to get a great deal!


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