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Feel like your life become a part of a Sci-Fi movie with this “Sprout”

Have a look at new sprout PC by HP and witness the revolution. HP has developed a new desktop which is equipped with a features which we once saw in hollywood sci-fi movies. An imagination came reality, Sprout is amazing and unbelievable. Yet to release in India, this PC is more than a desktop for creative people. See the video below.


See the whole function of HP's Sprout inthis video.


The new PC is from HP and is called Sprout. It is unique in 3D scanning. There is literally no keyboard but a guiding projector with a Sprout Illuminator, a projector, camera, depth sensor and scannermounted on the top of the  23-inch HD screen desktop, below it is HP's capacitive touch mat.


The Illuminator projects and 1,024 x 768-pixel display onto the touch mat, (with 1TB storage and i7 processor) turning your desk into a second screen or virtual keyboard. It will be a blessing for digital designers. What I think is that the Sprout PC holds the key to the future of technology.

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