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Indian Shoppers don’t want Discount but good Deals – Report

Google India Shopping Report

Before digging in the topic, let’s understand the concept of the good deal.

A good deal is something which includes the following elements in it -

  • Product from a trusted site
  • Shipping must be fast and of least price
  • Reviews should be good
  • Lower price than the offline market
  • Easy refund/replacement policies
  • Good after sale service on the product

Most of which, if not found in some, are there in a good deal. It is not always about highest discount. For example; would you buy a laptop worth Rs.45,000 at Rs.30,000 from a site born a day ago or from a trusted site like that of Flipkart, Amazon etc who are giving the same product for Rs.31,000? The answer, in 99% genuine cases, would be Rs. 31,000. This is exactly what a recent Google survey which has been released by Google India says.  According to the survey, 90% of the online shoppers in India do not chase discounts and are only too ready to pay good money for value adds such as quicker delivery, easier returns, extended warranty and after sale service.

The report is named as  ‘Digital India 2020′ and has been created in association with consulting firm A.T. Kearney. The sample for the survey included 3,000 offline and online buyers, sellers and non-buyers across twenty cities in India, including metro cities and tier 2 as well as 3 cities.

Here are are some key observations and projections from the report: 

  • 9 out 10 buyers will continue online shopping transactions even in the absence of major discounts. 
  • Online shoppers are likely to increase from 50 million to 175 million by 2020. 
  • 45% of online buyers said they would pay extra for faster shipping
  • 37% said they would pay more for easy returns.
  • 35% were willing to spend more on extended warranty.
  • Women shoppers are projected to increase from 5 million to 75 million in by 2020. 
  • In the last 12 months, interest of consumers in online shopping has doubled.
  • 60% of the total number of online shoppers in India lives in non-metro cities. 
  • By 2020, 55% of online shopping transactions will be carried out using cashless transactions, as opposed to the ‘Cash-on-Delivery’ method more widely in practice today. 

Rajan Anandan, MD of Google South East Asia and India said:

“The next three to four years will be critical for the Industry to get on the path of sustained profitability. As per our report, some of the areas that will accelerate and support profitability include following a focussed approach to drive deeper engagement with India’s 60 million high value customers as they will drive two-thirds of the total e-tail spends”, The Times of India reported

So basically, people do not want to have an awesome discount but a great service from the marketplace they are paying to. Discounts are deemed to be an icing on the cake. Loot deals are some thing which comes as a blessing but they are seldom in occurrence. Here in FreeKaaMaal.com we strive to provide a Great deal with an optimum discount and exclusive coupons if possible to our users.  inputs from here here