Yelo app | How do I achieve 4lakhs credit in the bank?


# Credit card is a must-needed thing

A credit card is a must-needed thing for young white-collar workers. No matter whether it is online shopping or offline shopping, travel (especially travel abroad). No matter under which situation, a high-value credit card can always make people feel radiant. YeLo App helps you to apply for a credit card through which can also get various loan offers.

I applied for my first credit card at 22. The starting credit money was Rs. 20,000, I made it to 4lakhs in 3 years. When you get the message from the bank that you could increase your credit limit, I bet you can’t wait to show the amount to your friends around you. Wanna know how did it happen?

You are not mistaken, today I am here to teach you how to “bypass the bank.” What should you do to get a high amount credit card?


# How to “bypass” on the bank

1. Pretend to be rich:

Not only being rich now but also showing your potential – banks are afraid of bad debts or loan, so the more money you have in the future, the less they care about how much you borrow now. So you have to have some amount on the bank account at the beginning, you can even borrow from others for a short time.

2. Use the funds frequent:

Although you are a rich person with strong assets you never spend money, then what is the meaning of a card to you? They’d rather find a client manager to hook up on your financial management, right? Or ask you to apply for a Platinum Card or Diamond Card to take the annual fee first.


3. Pay debts on time

Pay for your debts on time, you must know that a lot of people have credit problem because of delay or even no pay. That debt history will affect your credit in the bank a lot when you take a loan for a house or car that could be a big reason that makes you lose the chance.

4. Be interested in various services:

Value-added services are not at the expense of fees or interest, all of which contribute to profits, but when you withdraw, you have a high-interest rate.

You may have to ask, why is it so complicated? Because the bank wants to find a reliable card-holder, and we want to get a higher amount. I am not a crazy money chaser, but at least I should let them know I will be a trustable person, in order to hook up to the gold card, this is an era of calculation, you think more and you win, You think less then the bank will make more money from you, it is natural!

# Yelo app: make your choice easier

 Which credit card is worthy to apply?

I’d recommend an app named “Yelo”, it’s an information gathering app. Flooded information on the net, it is so hard for us to verify, Yelo has following tips that make your life easier:

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  • Clear information

So many spam messages about loan and credit card on the internet, it is hard for us to select. Yelo team classifies and evaluates them in many aspects, can help you make the most suitable choice

  • Trustworthy  Content

Credit card + instant loan + credit card offer information,

Fear Fraud? info on Yelo is gathered by qualified finance bloggers, each information checked by at least 3 people, then it is allowed to be posted.

  • The free useful financial guide there

How to apply for your first credit card?

What the different interest of a different Credit card?

How to take an instant loan in an urgent situation?

Which card will suit for bike loan?

Travel Credit Cards in India||Student Credit Cards in India

… …

You can even call their associate for help.

  • User-friendly page design

It is so clear easy to go to each page, won’t be messy with information.


In need, Yelo Indeed.

Anyway, it is free to use Yelo app to grow your fist finance knowledge right? Why don’t you have a try? Click here to have a glance.