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Xiaomi Redmi Note sold in yet another Flipkart flash sale, 50,000 units vanished in just 6 seconds


Redmi Note, one of the most awaited phablet of the year was launched in India yesterday and was up for sale for its registered users. Problems again prevailed as 3,00,000 people had to suppress their will of getting a Redmi Note even after sticking to their screens for an hour as instructed by Flipkart.



Flash sale is now becoming an headache for registered users who use to wait anxiously weeks just to grab this so called value-for-money device. 50,000 units were up for grabs and up to 350,000 registrations were made to grab a mere 50,000 units. This provides a 7 to 1 ratio as a probability to grab the handset.

As expected there was outrage in public and it was reflected on social media platforms. 



Anyways, registrations have started again for sale on 9th December. So we suggest you to read these tricks first "Tricks to get a Xiaomi in a flash sale" before participating in the first sale. And for Xiaomi India, we appreciate your disclosure on the number of units you are putting for the flash sale, but in accordance to the Indian customers, flash sales only produces the bad word of mouth. Hence it would be much clearer that you should make it on 'First come First serve' basis. 

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