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Zomato will not do advertisement on Po*n sites

In a latest blog post by Zomato, the CEO has complied with the fact that using p*rn sites to attract users will not be continued in light of criticism this online food aggregator is getting. Earlier, Zomato started a new concept of advertising on the platforms which contained obscene videos. The campaign was started keeping in mind the high traffic and low advertising rates on the sites.

The idea was to get users who, after spending some time alone, gets hungry and feels the need of food which can be ordered from Zomato. According to their blog post :

“We were talking about how to tap into the already buzzing late-night delivery space, and started looking at innovative marketing opportunity areas. Highly optimised Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter ad campaigns are commoditised and therefore quite expensive. The alternative seemed almost obvious when someone said ‘Hey we should try advertising on porn sites’, and then justified it with ‘look, people watch porn, and people get hungry, so stop judging me.’


It was an idea worth looking into at the very least, so we did. As it turns out:

  • India ranks #5 in terms of most daily visitors to Pornhub (the world’s biggest porn site network)
  • Outside of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and e-commerce sites, Xvideos is one of India’s top visited sites
  • The average time spent on the site by Indians is ~8 minutes (yes, really, just 8 minutes #quickgunmurugan)

So we advertised on p*rn sites.”

Here are some of the images used by Zomato:



This is not the first time Zomato is in news, earlier it blew away Amazon in humour during ‘aur dikhao’ campaign by Amazon.

Zomato Amazon

Anyway, the justification made by the company is that the ROI is the most critical factor in any business, if a business do not work on the principle of investing less and earning more it will end up burning all of its money. The deals and coupons and fine till a time to attract visitors but what next? So, in order to get more guys ‘craving’ for food with hunger during night is to run campaigns via advertising on porn sites.