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10 Unique Dussehra Celebrations in Indian Landscape


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The festival of Dussehra is celebrated in most parts of India with great enthusiasm and zeal. The day is celebrated with dazzling lights, grand stages, decorated lanes, folk dance, and fireworks. However, in a country like India, with so much diversity it’s hard to accept one set of the celebration. Right? Hence, no wonder, why Dusshera means differently to different people. This is the reason why this Hindu festival is celebrated with diverse beats across the country. Travelling and shopping are the main attraction of this event. So you must check out latest Dussehra offers online and grab great deals. Till then, let’s take a look at 10 unique celebrations of this event shortlisted for you!

  • Goa Ceremonial Celebration


In large part of the country, Dussehra is celebrated as the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. However, in Goa, the day is celebrated for the marriage of lord shiva and goddess Shakti with grand rituals. The glimpse of this grand ceremonial celebration is an absolute delight.

  • Kolkata


The city of Kolkata is crazily decorated to celebrate Durga puja which is followed by Dussehra celebration. Hence if you are traveling to the city don’t forget to check its unique celebration. This includes pandal-hopping, Dhak and Dhunuchi dance with mud vessel, and Bengali savory dishes prepared especially during these days.

  • Mysore Royal Procession

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If you want to take a look at a royal celebration on this day then head straight to Mysore. Watch the decorated royal elephants procession and enjoy the jumbo safari. Also, visit the Mysore exhibition and enjoy some of the pretty fun activities.

  • Cultural Celebration in Kullu

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The celebration in the town of Kullu is very interesting where the valley people are dressed in celebratory attire for a week. The decorated chariot, folk music and dance, and display of authentic handicrafts are its unique highlights.

  • Exotic Celebration in Gujarat

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The visual of traditional Garba dance, vibrant attires, and all night long parties is the specialty of the Gujarati celebration. Hence, this has become a popular attraction for the tourist.

  • Vibrant Lighting and Music in Delhi


The celebration in the national capital is dominated by amazing fireworks and Ramlila shows (a theatrical representation of Ramayana). And yes how can one not count the grand temple decorations and its religious music.

  • Bastar Tribal Celebration

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Over the years, the Dusshera celebration at Bastar has become a focal point for many tourists. Its 500-year-old unique rituals along with pomp shows is the highlight of the state during the event.

  • Jaipur Magnificent Commemoration

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The pink city is known for its regal celebrations! The burning of giant size effigy of Ravana, grand Dussehra fair, and auspicious rally of lord ram is thus hard to miss.

  • The Grand Display of Idols in Allahabad

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The celebration in Allahabad is hugely famous for its grand illumination of the Ram-Dal procession. The vibrant and colorful tableaux depicting the scenes from the Ramayana epic is a visual treat.

  • Devotees Dressed in Nagpur

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The people for the city celebrates this day as Ashok Vijayadashmi. It is believed that Emperor Ashoka converted to Buddhism on this day. Hence, followers come together and celebrate the day by organizing meals, wearing traditional attires, speeches, and Buddhist preachings.

Dussehra is the day which remarks us that truth triumph in the end, no matter how tempting the path of evil look. The festivities and celebration may change but the message remains the same all over. So travel this day and give a treat to your soul with such unique celebration. Also look for amazing Dusshera discount online and seize amazing deals.