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How To Remove Hair On Face and Body At Home in 5 Ways


Are you also the one who likes spontaneous plans, or you are a friend of such a person? Or are you the procrastinating one who forgets to book a waxing appointment and the important day arrives? I am sure whoever you are, you must not like hair on your body, and hence you are on my blog.

This blog will cover all those hair removal methods that will help you easily remove your hair at home. Some of the procedures will be quick, whereas others will be time-consuming. Some ways would have temporary effects, whereas others would have long-lasting effects. Read the entire blog to learn which of these methods can be your saviour: How To Remove Hair On Face and Body At Home.

1. Shaving


If you do not have enough time to go to a salon, but there is enough time to have a good long bath, you can opt for shaving. It is an inexpensive method that is easy and pain-free, which you can do on your face and body. There are different razors for different body parts, so make sure to have the right equipment for the body part when you choose this method.

You must also use shaving foam or an excellent substitute to avoid various shaving injuries. These injuries include minor nicks, cuts and scratches, which can irritate for a day or two. Also, when you go for this method, make sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving to avoid ingrown hair in future.

Also, keep in mind that shaving cuts the hair on the surface, letting them grow back fast. So when you go for shaving, remember that you would have to do it again within a day or two.

2. Depilatory Creams


Have you heard about depilatory creams? The term must be new, but we have all used it at least once in our lives: hair removal cream. These creams are applied to the area where we wish to remove hair, and then it works its science. The chemicals in these creams break down the keratin bonds of the hair. It results in fragile hair, which you can remove with the help of a cloth or a plastic applicator that comes with the depilatory creams.

The time taken by the cream to work can be anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes, and it is different for every brand. So, it is highly advised to read the instructions before putting the cream on your skin. Also, it is ideal for taking a patch test on the back of your ear to learn how your skin accepts the cream.

Since this process breaks the hair on the surface, they tend to grow faster, so you must use this cream weekly. Also, the chemicals in the cream tend to damage the skin, so it would be great if you reserve it for desperate times.

3. Plucking


One of the safest ways to remove hair from the face is plucking. You take a pair of tweezers and pluck the unwanted hair from its root. Since the hair is taken out from its core, they tend to grow slower than the other methods shared above.

The only problem is that you can use this method to remove a few hairs. For example, if your brows are growing a bit funny and you need to freshen up your face for a presentation or a dinner party, you can pluck a few hairs to make your eyebrows sharper.
You can also use this method to remove the thick hair from your face too that outshines your face.

4. Threading

Threading is a method that involves a big loop of thread that is twisted and then used on the skin from where we want to remove hair. The thread is used in a particular way that you should learn from a good threading video tutorial. Once you know how to run the thread on your face, you can remove as much hair as possible.

This method works in large as well as small areas. Since this method has precision after practice, you can also use it to shape your eyebrows. If you are new to this method, then it is suggested that you stick to plucking to brush up your eyebrows because threading would take practice. However, you can use it to remove the upper lip and forehead hair as it doesn’t require any kind of precision.

5. Waxing


My favourite method to remove hair from any body part is waxing. If you don't have super sensitive skin, you can use it on your face. It gives you the liberty to remove hair from your legs, hands, pubic area, face, and all the other parts of your body. There is only one thing that you need to take care of: you must use the wax meant for the specific area. Or you can use liposoluble wax, which you can use on your entire body. You can specifically get a no-strips wax which is handier.

Waxing might be time-consuming, but there is nothing better than it for hair removal. If you didn't find no-strips wax in your area, you could go for the beads wax, which will undoubtedly be no-strips wax. You can use both the mentioned wax to remove hair from any place, including your brows. Just learn how to map your eyebrows and then wax the area outside the shape you created.


This process might have taken more time than the other methods, but it keeps you hair-free for the longest time, at least 3 to 4 weeks. After that, you would be required to let your hair grow a quarter of an inch before waxing them again. Or you can use liposoluble wax, like Rice, that can work on the smaller lengths of hair too. In addition to everything, this method also removes tan from your skin and leaves your skin the softest possible.


Now you have a bunch of hair removal techniques that you can use at home to remove hair from various parts of your body, including your face. Just make sure you use the right approach on the correct body part. Also, if you think that any of these methods are complex, I suggest you watch a good YouTube Tutorial for the same. It ensures that you do not cut or burn yourself in the process. I hope this blog was helpful to you, and you will keep coming back to our page for more informative content.