Online Shopping

Trick to save more money while shopping online

We all love to shop and shopping online is a much smarter way to save money. However there are still a few ways with which we can save further money by following these simple tricks.


1. Do not let them know your surf history

The prices on the sites are not fixed but they vary on the basis of the site surfing history of yours. If you are a new shopper, you are likely to get more discount, so even if you are a registered customer, but you are shopping without a browser history, you are likely to get more discount. Hence shop in incognito mode or erase your browser’s cookies then log out and again log in.

2. The shopping cart trick

A very less shoppers know this: While shopping, add products to your cart, go till payment gateway, and decline your payment. Keep the products in your cart only. You would be surprised to see that in just a few days you will get some exclusive discount coupon on the products laying in your cart.

3. Search for coupons

DO NOT shop until and unless you have the proper knowledge of applicable coupons on the site as some sites do not display the coupons on their homepage. You can visit coupon section of FreeKaaMaal to get the best available coupons at the time.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook 

The followers on Twitter are more likely to get the exclusive coupons than anyone else. Also, you will get a prompt reply on these social media channels.

5. Relive the coupons you loved

Some coupons are so great that they save a lot of money on your purchase. But sometimes the coupons get expired, what can be done in this case? Well, not a issue, just call the customer care and ask them that you really want to shop and want to purchase something for some special occasion from the respective site. Generally, the customer care make the coupons go relive for the respective customers.

6. New email id 

For every new email id, some sites provide very heavy additional discount. Just give 2 minutes to make a new email id and shop through it.

7. Wait for price drop

Suppose are planning to buy MOTO X, but the price is to much, do not worry, use the price alert service as this feature could save you more than 20% in just a few days of your patience.

8. Check for the best deal

This is the most efficient trick. Go to first before shopping online. Chances are that you will not only save your money but will get something for FREE. This is what more than 28 lakh shoppers are doing every month.

We hope that you save the most of your money. We even intent to not let you waste any money with the Freebies we daily put.