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Goats are now on sale online on OLX and Quikr ahead of Bakri Eid

goat for sale online

Sellers of goats are all set for the upcoming Bakri Eid. This Eid, the sellers are now tapping the online platforms to sell their goats. Goats are available on OLX, Quikr for various prices varying between Rs.5000 to Rs.40,000 depending upon their breed and size. The images and descriptions are also available along with the listing as well.

This is not the first time the animals are on sale online. Buffaloes are also on sale at various prices as well.

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The Secretary of Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid of Ludhiana Mohammad Mustaqeem said:

“the average cost of goats in the market during Eid is Rs 10,000. Last year, the goats were more costly due to different market factors. However, it has been learnt that cost of goats online is a bit cheaper,”.

Effect of online goat selling:

The effect of online goat selling is expected to hamper the sale figure of the offline goat sale this year. According to goat sellers, the goats are generally of around Rs.10,000 which are much more costlier than the cost of the goats stated on these platform.

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