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Top 10 exercises you can do at home for an incredibly ripped body

Don’t have time to hit the Gym? Well do not worry, here is a guide for a incredibly ripped body with a compilation of exercises concentrating on your major muscles. Just devote 15 minutes everyday at your home to achieve the awesomely ripped body.

1. Stretching

Starting with the basic one, stretching is the by default need of the body before taking stress and strain. It is basically to get the body in the motion of workout and will work like a wake up alarm for the body. Gymnasts and other athletes who needs less weight to perform the act majorly work on the stretching

2. Yoga

Yoga is not just stretching or breathing in a rhythm, it is concentration and coordination mechanism for body. Practice and you will achieve it.

3. Jump

Stand still and jump on the place. This will stir the body for the strain while working on the calf muscles and a bit of thighs.

4. Push Ups

Push Ups gives you the best defined workout at home. It works majorly on the chest, biceps, triceps, abs and back. It is basically the simplest and the efficient exercise one can perform. 3 sets of 20 would work for first 3 months which can be gradually increased upto 60-70 with practice.

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5. Triceps Dips

The best exercise you can do at home, Tricep dips needs a table and right position as shown in the video.

6. Pull Up

It work on arms, shoulder and majorly back muscles by giving an extra edge over the normally fit body. Start 2 sets of 5 pull up and escalate into 16 pull ups in a go. This may take a month to get into habit and gain necessary strength for body, don’t give up just keep rolling.

7. Squat

Chicken legs is the mocking term used for an awesome upper body and small thighs. You will never get attacked with this jargon as all of the exercises mentioned helps the body to strengthen in ratio while focusing on a particular set of the muscles. Squat will help your thighs to gain more and more stamina and better configured muscles.

8. Basic Abs Crunches

One thing we all love is abs, to achieve the perfect abs a person can do the basic ab crunches which will give you a flat tummy and in case of regularity, a six pack set.

9. Handstand push-up

Best for shoulder, triceps, and trapezium muscles. It needs a lot of practice and balance, but once you get a hang of it, you will feel awesomely traps and shoulders getting ripped into best of their shape, not big but fit.

10. Rest

Relax now, as it is very important to lay down for atleast 6 hours to let your body absorb the changes you are providing it with. In 3 months, you will feel yourself as a whole new person with tight and ripped muscles with amazing flexibility and high energy.