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Here are the 10 reasons which makes Delhi winter a crazy bitch….

Winter has knocked the belly of Delhi. We have to face a near zero degree temperature and its going to be tough because of it.

 Here are a few reasons why the winter of Delhi is a crazy bitch.

1. It comes suddenly.. 



2. Viral fever comes along..and it have only one purpose..khoon chusne

3 (11)


3. We have to go immediate shopping.. "Where is my sweater, pull over,..damn I need a jacket"

5 (6)


4. its too hard to drive on a bike.. its so chilly out there that your hands feels numb..

14 (2)


5. You just need a warm place..Delhi ki sardi will make you feel sleepy..zzzzzzz



6. Morning gym takes a break… hate those who call up at 5 a.m and ask you to come along…
dude its winter, let me rest in peace.. 



7. You miss Ice-cream.."aww..my butter-scotch Ice-cream.."

2 (3)


8. Waking up out of Rajai (blanket) feels like hell



9. You have to Bath! angry



10. Still we miss it when it is gone 

5 (1)

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After all, its Delhi ki sardi..it won't be that easy..