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This app would let you know what baby’s cries actually mean


An infant cannot express his/her discomfort, it will barely make any expression other than crying to show something the infant or a baby needs. Be it hunger, pain, stress or discomfort, a baby cries and just do that only. However, there are crying patterns which tells what a baby needs, for Example : A slow cry after waking up suggests that a baby is hungry, a loud and open cry while lying means pain. But apart from these few suggestive understanding, other issues cannot be found out by parents.


A mother suffer more than her baby. Call it an emotional or spiritual connection, a mother will feel intense sadness while her baby is crying. Her baby can stop whining if she treats the issue the baby is dealing with. To solve this problem, a team of researchers at the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin collected 200,000 crying sounds from 100 newborn babies and created an App which could probably identify the reason of the baby’s cry.


How does it work?


Whenever a baby cries, the user have to open the app and push the recording button for 10 seconds only. The sound is then cross verifyied with the database of the app and it analyses the sound in a few seconds and sent the reason for cry as a result to the user.

One of the head researchers, Chang Chuan-yu said :

“The Infant Cries Translator can differentiate four different statuses of sounds of baby crying, including hunger, the diaper getting wet, sleepy and pain. So far, according to the feedback from users, the accuracy of the app we have tested can reach 92 percent for babies under two weeks old,” – Daily Mail. The app is available for download at the APP Store and Google Play. The App is most effective for children under age 6.