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The secrets to have an acne free face

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A clear glowing face with sparkling eyes is what every teenage girl dreams of. But unwanted and stubborn acne are something which could give you a bowed face. It drains the confidence and put you in shadow at an age when you should be bumping around and exploring. Well, somehow these acne are formed due to hormonal instability and thus cannot be cured but they can be controlled. Lets have a look on a certain precautions which you could adhere in order to get rid of these lunatic acnes.

1) Cover your face properly while going out

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This is to protect you from dirt and pollution which, when comes in contact of skin, can cause acnes.

2) Plan your Diet in green- eat green vegetables and fruits

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Green vegetables are very rich in protein, fiber, and other minerals which tends to keep you healthy. Unlike fast foods green vegetables would give your body a complete package of energy. This would help your immune system to fend off toxins which are also a reason of your acne.

3) Workout a bit

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With sweat, toxins comes out and you can feel refreshed and energetic. Apart from helping you to keep acne away it would also help you restore your health and freshness.

4) Yoga

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Sounds boring? It is in fact used by nearly all Hollywood celebrities to keep them young and beautiful looking. This would help you increase your metabolism and will also regulate your hormones which cause acne in teenage.

5) Drink water, a lot of it


Study shows that water is the best source of keeping you healthy and fresh. It is the real caffeine of body. It drags out the waste from your body, give you glow and fight with acne.

6) Wash your face AT LEAST TWICE A DAY

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Washing your face twice a day will give a a feel of freshness but that’s not all, it gives you the way to rejuvenate your face skin, clear off dirt, pollution which are major cause of acne. Also it is important to wash your head because believe it or not, in some case scalp flakes could cause pimples.

7) Say NO to chemicals

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Do you love to wear make-up? Or in case of Men do you apply a lot of face-wash? This sounds rather presumptuous but please stay away from all chemical based face wash and makeup because they damage your skin. Also they may tone you up for a few hours but whats not natural will wear off eventually.

8) Change your bed sheet

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Imagine your face rubbing for hours on a cloth full of dirt and dust. This is what actually happens with those who do not change there bed sheet on time. So a clean bed sheet is not just a sign of tidiness but also the start of having a clear face.

9) Avoid Fast food

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A snack dip off in overcooked low grade oil with sausage, cheese and chemical, tastes yummy but make dirty. Please avoid them for the sake of your health and beauty.  

10) Sleep, Relax and let it go…

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Let yourself sleep and sleep at least for 6-8 hours. Like anything else, your body too needs rest. This peaceful night rest is eventually the key of a healthy day.

As I already said, Acne which are due to hormonal imbalance cannot be prevented to appear but can be prevented to grow further. So take care and say CHEERS!!!!!!!!

The inferred points are drawn out of a few clinical studies and research. If you have any additional point to have then kindly revert us with your opinion, we will be more than happy to add them.


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