The apology from Flipkart regarding “Big Billion Sale”, a brave step by Mr. Sanjay & Binny Bansal

Flipkart is undoubtably the largest online retailer in India with a revenue of more than $1Billion. On Monday 6th October, it was about to launch a Big Billion Day Sale which was scheduled at early morning 8 a.m. and the online gaint aimed a revenue of a Billion Rupees.


It started with a bang but soon after there were a lot of problem. The question was wheather ” Big Billion Day of Flipkart.. An exclusive event or an Hoax ?!!!!? “. Anyways, as responsible CEO’s of the company, Mr. Sanjay & Binny Bansal has taken the responsibility and issued an apology to their dear customers.



Yesterday was a big day for us and we really wanted it to be a great day for you. However, at the end of the day, we know that your experience was less than pleasant.

We did not live up to the promises we made and for that we are really and truly sorry.

We saw unprecedented interest in our products and traffic like never before – we also realized that we were not adequately prepared for the sheer scale of the event. We didn’t source enough products and deals in advance to cater to your requirements. To add to this, the load on our server led to intermittent outages, further impacting your shopping experience on our site.

This is not acceptable to us.

a. Price Changes
As we were preparing various deals and promotional pricing in the lead up to the sale, the pricing of several products got ​changed to their non-discounted rates for a few hours​. We realise that this breaks the trust our customers have put in us. We are truly sorry for this.

b. Out-of-stock Issues
We ran out of the stock for many products within a few minutes (and in some cases, seconds) of the sale going live.We promise to plan much better for future promotions and ensure that we minimise the out-of-stock issues.

c. Cancellations
We had large number of people buying specific products simultaneously. This led to some instances of an order getting over-​booked for a product that was sold out just a few seconds ago. We will do our level best to ensure that we minimise any cancellations.

d. Website Issues
We had deployed nearly 5000 servers and had prepared for 20 times the traffic growth – but the volume of traffic at different times of the day was much higher than this. 

We failed to live up to this promise yesterday and would like to apologise once again to every single customer for our failure.

Thank you.
Sachin and Binny

It was a brave and bold step. Making mistakes by miscalculating is normal but accepting them is commendable

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“Kindly note that this is a breif version of the whole statement, but we have highlighted all important points”


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