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Together or far, with E-commerce your loved ones are just a click apart


Today’s generation of young adults, who’ve borne witness to the radical changes in connectivity brought about by an unprecedented silicon revolution ; have probably heard the saying “things were much simpler when i was your age “ by someone from the bygone era revelling in the nostalgia of an internet-less past .Stories of how grandparents would hike over to the next village and bring back the very bangle which his beloved had laid her eyes on during a fair that was held last week gives a peek into the herculean effort one required to put into getting a gift for that someone special .


Fast forward a couple of decades, hyper-local e-commerce stores now offer a range of chocolates, cakes, flowers guaranteed to be delivered within 90 minutes to your doorstep and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be it sending midnight birthday wishes, anniversary cakes, valentine’s roses, birthday wishes, E-commerce is a boon for all couples and people in love who can’t spend each second of their lives strapped to each other. A gift is a symbol of love , of remembrance and a physical embodiment of the other person to an extent . It  evokes a warm and fuzzy sensation and makes one feel connected even in the physical absence of the other . In today’s blinking fast environment, e-commerce has been able to keep the value of gifting alive . From chocolates to flowers, accessories to gadgets and also customised gifts; there is a wide selection available for couples to indulge in and remind each other that they’re always there for them. India, UK , USA or any part of the world, your wishes are just a click away . Online gifting has made it possible to get connected to your loved ones sitting in any part of the world.


Move beyond spending countless hours in malls, gazing through collection after collection and store after store. You can still pick out the perfect colour for your purse or tie and send it across via the internet for your partner’s approval . Instead of spending hours, physically tiring yourself; couples can enjoy lighter moments over a cup of coffee or ‘chaat’ across the street.

Sites like Ferns n Petals , Archies, Gifts by Meeta , Printvenue and various others have revolutionised the idea of gifting . New additions like Oye Happy provides an all together different gifting experience for couples where you can book midnight B’day surprises, Private Jet rides,  exotic private Islands etc to celebrate your moments in love .


If anything, e-commerce is enabling young professionals to chalk out a lot of valuable time for their loved ones by bringing the entire marketplace to your screen . Why spend time on shopping when you can spend undivided attention on your better half ?

Old school romantics might argue that the value of the gifts gets reduced it it’s easier to obtain , but I believe it’s the thought that counts. But since there’s no right or wrong , an optimum balance between the both is what is essential. But the next time someone goes on a storytelling spree on how they went through great lengths to get that peculiar flower from the nearby village , I’ll quietly log on to an online store and order my beloved’s favourite petals to remind him that he’s on my mind always .