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Top 10 exercises you can do at home for an incredibly ripped body

Don’t have time to hit the Gym? Well do not worry, here is a guide for a incredibly ripped body with a compilation of exercises concentrating on your major muscles. Just devote 15 minutes everyday at your home to achieve the awesomely ripped body.

1. Stretching

Starting with the basic one, stretching is the by default need of the body before taking stress and strain. It is basically to get the body in the motion of workout and will work like a wake up alarm for the body. Gymnasts and other athletes who needs less weight to perform the act majorly work on the stretching

2. Yoga

Yoga is not just stretching or breathing in a rhythm, it is concentration and coordination mechanism for body. Practice and you will achieve it.

3. Jump

Stand still and jump on the place. This will stir the body for the strain while working on the calf muscles and a bit of thighs.

4. Push Ups

Push Ups gives you the best defined workout at home. It works majorly on the chest, biceps, triceps, abs and back. It is basically the simplest and the efficient exercise one can perform. 3 sets of 20 would work for first 3 months which can be gradually increased upto 60-70 with practice.

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5. Triceps Dips

The best exercise you can do at home, Tricep dips needs a table and right position as shown in the video.

6. Pull Up

It work on arms, shoulder and majorly back muscles by giving an extra edge over the normally fit body. Start 2 sets of 5 pull up and escalate into 16 pull ups in a go. This may take a month to get into habit and gain necessary strength for body, don’t give up just keep rolling.

7. Squat

Chicken legs is the mocking term used for an awesome upper body and small thighs. You will never get attacked with this jargon as all of the exercises mentioned helps the body to strengthen in ratio while focusing on a particular set of the muscles. Squat will help your thighs to gain more and more stamina and better configured muscles.

8. Basic Abs Crunches

One thing we all love is abs, to achieve the perfect abs a person can do the basic ab crunches which will give you a flat tummy and in case of regularity, a six pack set.

9. Handstand push-up

Best for shoulder, triceps, and trapezium muscles. It needs a lot of practice and balance, but once you get a hang of it, you will feel awesomely traps and shoulders getting ripped into best of their shape, not big but fit.

10. Rest

Relax now, as it is very important to lay down for atleast 6 hours to let your body absorb the changes you are providing it with. In 3 months, you will feel yourself as a whole new person with tight and ripped muscles with amazing flexibility and high energy.



The ultimate Punjabi Dhokhla – KHAVIGEIO!!


Dhokla is a side food or a snack originated from Gujrat, India. It is loved by Indian and one cannot suppress the mouth watering taste of the soft, spongy, juicy Dhokla. Here we have bought a recipe of Dhokla make with a Punjabi 'tadka'.

What you need :

1 cup (Besan)
1/2 cup Curd (Dahi)
1 Green Chili (Chopped into very small pieces)
1 Pinch Turmeric
1/4 spoon Salt
2 Inch Ginger
1 Tablespoon (Tbsp) Fruit Salt (ENO or TATRI to make it Spongy)
1 Tbsp Oil
1/4 Cup Water (1/4 cup for making batter and 1 cup for seasoning)

Most of it is already present in a traditional Indian Kitchen so it would not be a problem. Now you have to prepare the Dhokla Liquid for which you would need:

1/2 Tbsp Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
4 Green Chilies (Each sliced into two pieces vertically)
1/2 Tbsp Coriander Leaves(Chopped)
1-1/2 Tsp Sugar
1 Cup Water..

Now you are ready with your weapon to prepare Dhokla to beat your hunger. You have to Prepare the Dhokla paste for which you have to take a bowl, add Besa, Curd and 1/4 cup of water. Mix well.
Keep aside the bowl for 4 hours to ferment. Add 1 Tablespoon of Oil, Salt, Turmeric, finely chopped Green Chilies, grated Ginger paste with 1 tsp of Sugar. Mix well.

Get ready for the 'heat' :


Take an Aluminum bowl. Grease it with Oil completely from inner side. 
Greasing will make sure that Dhokla does not stick to the bowl. Keep the bowl aside.
Add 1 tsp of fruit salt in the Dhokla paste and mix well.
Dhokla paste is now fluffy and soft.This mixture is now ready for steaming in pressure cooker.

Fill 25% of pressure cooker with water and place 1 small half-filled.

Place the Dhokla’s aluminum bowl on top of the small bowl and cover the lid of the pressure cooker.

Keep the stove on high flame and steam the Dhokla for 25 minute.

After every 5 minute, check to see if water has not completely evaporated. If this happens, add 2 cups of water again.

After 25 minute, Besan Dhokla would be ready. Switch Off the stove and open the cooker lid.

Take out the Aluminum bowl.

Separate the Dhokla from the corners of the bowl, with the help of a knife.

Take it out in a plate. Cut it in small pieces and keep it aside.

Making Dhokla Seasoning : 


Heat 1/2 Tbsp of Oil in a pan for about 30 seconds on high flame.
Add Mustard seeds, and sliced Green chilies. Turn the flame on low.
After 30 seconds, add 1 cup of water. After mixing well, add 1/2 tsp of sugar and chopped coriander leaves. 
After 10 min when the Dhokla will cool down and will be ready for the seasoning to serve as the jewel in the taste.


Kindly note that this recipe is of our team member Mr. Rohit .. You can contact him here

image image


Generic medicine – Trick to save on your cost of the medicine by 50 times.


Do you know the concept of Generic Medicine?

Generic medicines are the medicines which are 'generally' not prescribed by the doctors due to the reason that they are less marketed and hence cannot generate the customer trust or faith of getting healed. However they contain exactly same salts (medical compounds) which other branded and marketed medicine have. 


This is a video showing the effort of a great person from India trying to increase awareness in Rajasthan (a state present in west of India) regarding the benefits of these generic medicines. When a doctor prescribes any medication, he/she prescribes the medicines pertaining the salt in it. These medicine when sold under a brand name becomes very costly and hence can cost you a fortune. 

Trick to save money while buying medicine :

Just give the prescribed medicine list to the generic medical store owner and the store owner will give you medicines containing 'EXACTLY' the same salt with exactly the same effect of the medicine prescribed to you. 



Top 10 excuses we give for not visiting GYM

We all wish to have a beautiful body, 6 pack abs, ripped body and awesome fitness. We know that we will look energetic and we will feel awesome and confident. All we have to do is to go to GYM. But despite of knowing the benefits we do not go, instead, we give lame excuses. Here are top 10 excuses we use to give ourselves just to abort ‘mission health’.

10. Oh, I am late


Well, you want to go to gym but you got struck in some work or woke up late in morning. “It’s late now, tomorrow i’ll do it for sure.”

9. Its easy! I’ll do it..


If you have experience of GYM before, you will be confident about reshaping yourself as you know all those dumbbells and bench press postures. This in return gives you a feeling of apathy and you’ll postpone the plan for the moment. 

8. I am fit enough

This happens when you are all set to embark upon the journey of healthy lifestyle and suddenly you realize that you look fine. I mean, there is a belly but its too a symbol of health. Right?

7. Let’s start it from home

You will try to stretch at home first before stepping out in arena. Rare case of excuse, but still it happens. 

6. Will go with someone


If you are dependent of trapped in the dilemma of a person working hard with you in GYM then for sure it will never happen. Instead if you keep on working out for yourself, people will surely come and join you. 

5. Push ups will do it91

Its like a starter for the whole Arnold goal. It won’t work until and unless you are really serious about preparing your body for workout.

4. Running is bettertumblr_mij3rmHOoM1s6vpuwo1_500 (1)

Well, first you decide to pump up some iron, then eventually you get inspired by the idea of preparing yourself for gym through running and at last you end up jogging in a small park with a lot of thoughts in your mind.

3. Be athletic


You will be inspired by some athletic physique or personality just a day prior to the start of your gym training and at last you end up making some strict diet chart and simple crunches.

2. Yoga!


Yoga seems as a very great stress buster and best for health. And at last you end up doing breathing exercises which is just a part of it.

1. Tomorrow never dies


No comments on this one. 

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Fighting Pain !! Know how to Sit in Front of Computer or Laptop to avoid pain..

Not even working people but also kids, teenager etc sits in front of computer and that too for a long period of time. Recently this time has increased exponentially and people are stressing themselves with hawking on their computer. This has caused a lots of problems like pain in back, stressed eyes & much more.

Lets have a look as in how we should sit in front of computer at home or office so that we could remain energetic and healthy.

How to maintain correct posture in Home or Office



How to maintain correct posture while Traveling

A lot of people travel and they have to work or surf while traveling. During that time too it is important to understand how we should sit in front of computer.

Work, play or enjoy but keep your body relaxed. Keeping your self too stiff or too loose will inadvertently make you go under body-ace. Hence it is important to loose yourself a bit so that you can feel the freedom of working with healthy attitude both physical and mental.

Apart from this it is also very important to take continuous breaks of 5-15 minutes. Sitting too long is not a good habit to follow. The work dead-line has been always in demise as it has always been but its your health which would give you flavor of life .

Keep healthy, keep enjoying.


3 (11)

Here are the 10 reasons which makes Delhi winter a crazy bitch….

Winter has knocked the belly of Delhi. We have to face a near zero degree temperature and its going to be tough because of it.

 Here are a few reasons why the winter of Delhi is a crazy bitch.

1. It comes suddenly.. 



2. Viral fever comes along..and it have only one purpose..khoon chusne

3 (11)


3. We have to go immediate shopping.. "Where is my sweater, pull over,..damn I need a jacket"

5 (6)


4. its too hard to drive on a bike.. its so chilly out there that your hands feels numb..

14 (2)


5. You just need a warm place..Delhi ki sardi will make you feel sleepy..zzzzzzz



6. Morning gym takes a break… hate those who call up at 5 a.m and ask you to come along…
dude its winter, let me rest in peace.. 



7. You miss Ice-cream.."aww..my butter-scotch Ice-cream.."

2 (3)


8. Waking up out of Rajai (blanket) feels like hell



9. You have to Bath! angry



10. Still we miss it when it is gone 

5 (1)

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After all, its Delhi ki sardi..it won't be that easy..


The secrets to have an acne free face

image coutesy : memetics.com

A clear glowing face with sparkling eyes is what every teenage girl dreams of. But unwanted and stubborn acne are something which could give you a bowed face. It drains the confidence and put you in shadow at an age when you should be bumping around and exploring. Well, somehow these acne are formed due to hormonal instability and thus cannot be cured but they can be controlled. Lets have a look on a certain precautions which you could adhere in order to get rid of these lunatic acnes.

1) Cover your face properly while going out

image courtesy : hellobeautiful.com

This is to protect you from dirt and pollution which, when comes in contact of skin, can cause acnes.

2) Plan your Diet in green- eat green vegetables and fruits

woman with bare shoulders holding vegetable
image courtesy : lypsso.com

Green vegetables are very rich in protein, fiber, and other minerals which tends to keep you healthy. Unlike fast foods green vegetables would give your body a complete package of energy. This would help your immune system to fend off toxins which are also a reason of your acne.

3) Workout a bit

Girl Working out.
image courtesy : blogspot.com

With sweat, toxins comes out and you can feel refreshed and energetic. Apart from helping you to keep acne away it would also help you restore your health and freshness.

4) Yoga

image courtesy : stanfield.com

Sounds boring? It is in fact used by nearly all Hollywood celebrities to keep them young and beautiful looking. This would help you increase your metabolism and will also regulate your hormones which cause acne in teenage.

5) Drink water, a lot of it


Study shows that water is the best source of keeping you healthy and fresh. It is the real caffeine of body. It drags out the waste from your body, give you glow and fight with acne.

6) Wash your face AT LEAST TWICE A DAY

image courtesy : prevention.com

Washing your face twice a day will give a a feel of freshness but that’s not all, it gives you the way to rejuvenate your face skin, clear off dirt, pollution which are major cause of acne. Also it is important to wash your head because believe it or not, in some case scalp flakes could cause pimples.

7) Say NO to chemicals

Young beautiful girl applying make-up by make-up artist
image courtesy : fibremagazine.com

Do you love to wear make-up? Or in case of Men do you apply a lot of face-wash? This sounds rather presumptuous but please stay away from all chemical based face wash and makeup because they damage your skin. Also they may tone you up for a few hours but whats not natural will wear off eventually.

8) Change your bed sheet

image courtesy : omanobserver.om

Imagine your face rubbing for hours on a cloth full of dirt and dust. This is what actually happens with those who do not change there bed sheet on time. So a clean bed sheet is not just a sign of tidiness but also the start of having a clear face.

9) Avoid Fast food

image courtesy : wikimedia.org

A snack dip off in overcooked low grade oil with sausage, cheese and chemical, tastes yummy but make dirty. Please avoid them for the sake of your health and beauty.  

10) Sleep, Relax and let it go…

image courtesy : wordpress.org

Let yourself sleep and sleep at least for 6-8 hours. Like anything else, your body too needs rest. This peaceful night rest is eventually the key of a healthy day.

As I already said, Acne which are due to hormonal imbalance cannot be prevented to appear but can be prevented to grow further. So take care and say CHEERS!!!!!!!!

The inferred points are drawn out of a few clinical studies and research. If you have any additional point to have then kindly revert us with your opinion, we will be more than happy to add them.