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Generic medicine – Trick to save on your cost of the medicine by 50 times.


Do you know the concept of Generic Medicine?

Generic medicines are the medicines which are 'generally' not prescribed by the doctors due to the reason that they are less marketed and hence cannot generate the customer trust or faith of getting healed. However they contain exactly same salts (medical compounds) which other branded and marketed medicine have. 


This is a video showing the effort of a great person from India trying to increase awareness in Rajasthan (a state present in west of India) regarding the benefits of these generic medicines. When a doctor prescribes any medication, he/she prescribes the medicines pertaining the salt in it. These medicine when sold under a brand name becomes very costly and hence can cost you a fortune. 

Trick to save money while buying medicine :

Just give the prescribed medicine list to the generic medical store owner and the store owner will give you medicines containing 'EXACTLY' the same salt with exactly the same effect of the medicine prescribed to you.