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Snapdeal, India Post will work together to bring weavers and artisans online.. a great initiative, Indeed!!!!


While other ecommerce companies are fighting to allure customers through discount and coupons, Snapdeal is actually acting like a true responsible online portal which is following the motto of bringing sellers to the buyers online. This time the sellers are the brilliant and shinning stars of Indian craftsmanship, weavers & artisans, which are overly demanded yet severely less paid. 

The joint step is taken by India Post and Snapdeal are planning to work together in order to bring thousands of weavers and artisans from Varanasi in front of the world through its website. Before this Snapdeal has helped in developing a village in many aspects which in turn tagged itself with a name of "Snapdeal.com nagar" 

Snapdeal CEO and co-founder Kunal Bahl said in a statement.

"This is an endeavour by Snapdeal and India Post to empower local artisans, small and medium entrepreneurs to sustain their livelihood by providing a platform to popularise their indigenous products, through this association, weavers will be able to access the national audience by listing their products on Snapdeal, at negligible cost, ” 

The beauty of the association lies in the amalgamation of the sponsorship of Indian post and the huge reach of online marketplace Snapdeal.com.

Mr. Bahl quoted.

Through this partnership, Snapdeal will take the Banarasi weaves to customers in all corners of the country and extend this platform to include more weavers and artisans of the country. India has a number of unique and highly specialized art forms and weaves. However, with the fast changing fashion trends and readily available products we are losing out on this rich heritage. If we don’t act now, soon the rich designs and weaves will be extinct,” 

 Snapdeal.com has started a test phase in Varanasi post offices to enable local weavers to sell on its platform. A great step indeed!