Read trick to find your missing Android phone using Google


Google is not just a search engine, its an invention hub. The best part about Google is that it invent to help its basic users. Now Google has come up with yet another creation of a way through which you can locate your lost mobile phone. The smartphone has to be equipped with Android Operating System (obviously).

How does it work?

You need Android Device Manager for it. All you have to do is to have a smartphone, miss it somewhere and use Android Device Manager to find it. As of now just type 'FIND MY PHONE' in Google and you will see a pop-up with map which will show the location of your mobile phone. 


Steps to find your smartphone

1. Get Android Device Manager on your smartphone or tablet or phablet.

2. In case you lost your phone just type 'Find My Phone'.

3. A pop-up of map will appear.

4. You can see your mobile on the map.

5. You can make your phone ring, lock it or erase all the data it have.

Only problem is that you have to use desktop or Laptop to locate your phone. Well, its a good start and will eventually benefit thousands of users.