Ola to introduce a new feature ‘Number Masking’ to ensure the privacy of its customers

ola-tfsIn a brilliant move to ensure the privacy of its users, Ola cabs – a taxi service app has introduced a new feature called ‘Number Masking’. A few months ago, the app was in news for accidently losing private details like name and phone numbers of its users to a Chennai customer. This was a very big mistake made by company as the trust factor which took countless excellent services was compromised.

Ola Cabs, understanding the plight of the situation immediately called-in for a solution which would ‘ensure’ the privacy of the details of its customers against their will and knowledge. The new feature is now introduced which have the technology that even the driver partner cannot see them.

The whole process works on the encryption of the numbers. Instead of the number of the customer, the driver gets the encrypted number. Not only this, the calls are now made directly through the app, therefore cutting the driver’s cost of calling the customer. The feature will also let the calls to be traced back to the driver.

Ola is not only thinking to serve only the customers, but also for the cab drivers as well. To achieve its goal of adding 1 lakh cabs by 2016 it has started a new cab leasing programme under which the cab drivers can lease a car for minimal initial deposit and monthly lease payments. Not only this, they can also avail an option of owning the car after 3 years.

This bilateral enhancement in terms of service and privacy will surely help Ola in long run.

Great going OLA!