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Know your diet, a guide to be healthy and keep smiling

Today we have everything for anything and that also means that we have a alternative for physical work. These days people wakeup, go directly through the pending mails, get updated with newspapers and then move directly to work after our bath & breakfast. In evening, we come back, have dinner, go through some show on T.V. and then bed. That is it! This is what a fundamental routine has became for working people. Healthy diet certainly is the need  and ‘tummy above chest’ is the proof of something seriously going wrong.

Today we have bought a fews simple ways through which you could keep yourself happy by having a simple diet regime.

1) Drink a lot of water

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That is what every athlete do, today water have been replaced by coffee and cold-drinks but water will not just give you glow but also burn your excessive fat.

2) Consume least possible cheese

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Too much butter in butter chicken or too much ‘makkhan’ in makhni daal would give you a hard time. Enjoy your meal but do not overload yourself with too much of fat.

3) Consume less alcohol


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Parties, celebration and your hands will automatically tend to go for the bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey or rum. Well have a shot or two but for the sake of your body do not over bump yourself. It only give you stress, hangover and would not allow you to enjoy as much as you can.

4) Go Green!

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Keep some green veggie in your diet. It will keep you energetic, delighted and enthusiastic. Also if you hate green vegetable (like I do) then you can go for delicious green dishes like palak-paneer, saag etc. They are not just yummy but also the enemy of tummy.

5) Avoid Fast food

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This sounds rather presumptuous but fast food like pizza, burger, roll etc are very dangerous to you. Can you sustain in a dirty house? These junk food make your body a lazy drowsy. What do you wish for, an active person flipping around or a sleeping person with a chair?

6. Relax


Being enthusiastic toward work is one thing but being workaholic can really put you in your hospital bed. Best doctors from India says to take proper rest along with work.


And at last, for those who keep up gym with work do really great time management but all that work won’t get a good result until and unless they hold there appetite for harmful food and accept the controlled regime.

For a healthy life forever.

If you have anything else which you think is important than kindly share your thoughts with us. We would be delighted to publish them.


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